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Hello Matthew. It's Natalie Appleton..
I've just chucked Jamie Theakston

The Mirror - Tuesday, October 27, 1998.
Reporter: Matthew Wright

All Saints star Natalie Appleton has dumped her boyfriend Jamie Theakston, I can reveal. She broke the news in a heart-rending phone call to yours truly yesterday.

Tearfully, she told me she could no longer trust the dashing, 6ft 5in tall kids TV presenter. "He's out of my life, he's chucked," the Canadian-born singer, 23, told me between sobs. "I don't trust him any more."

Close friends of Natalie blamed Jamie, 27, for the breakup of the 11-month love affair.

"Quite simply, he's been carried away wit the whole showbiz life-style," one said. "At a time when all good children's presenters should be tucked up in bed, Jamie's on the town.

"Natalie is a responsible woman and has a six-year-old daughter she loves and cares for. it's a shame Jamie hasn't grown up."

The All Saints beauty fell for Jamie, who was recently voted Britain's best dressed man, last December. Her new boyfriend quickly renounced his live-it-up life and professed: "I'm a committed and focussed man."

Natalie, once married to Dreamboy stripped Carl Robinson, was equally gushing. "I love Jamie so much it make me feel sick," she said.

But All Saints' demanding schedule meant she was often abroad. And last July lonely Jamie, back on the partying circuit, become closely linked to model Philippa Lett, another high-profile face around town.

Said a friend: "For natalie that was the beginning of the end. She's a very strong woman," the friend concluded.

"Hopefully she will find someone else who will make her smile again."

Natalie's All Saint sister Nicole is still dating singer Robbie Williams despite recent revelations that he cheated on her.