Aight, I got mad tired of having to track down lyrics and C&P them and re-do the coding n all that HTML shit, sooo, I got in contact with a host who has agreed to let me link his pages to mine, which is WAY better cuz there's way more lyrics on his page. Aight? Aight. Enj0y kidz. ;)

2Pac Lyrikz

DMX Lyrikz

Flesh of my Flesh, Blood of my Blood

Dr. Dre Lyrikz

Forget About Dre
Still D.R.E.
Been There, Done That


One Love
Things'll Never Change

Eminem Lyrikz

My Name Is
Guilty Conscience
Still Don't Give a Fuck

Ja Rule Lyrikz

Holla Holla

Jay Z Lyrikz

Nigga Wha, Nigga who?
Money Cash Hoez
Hard Knock Life
Who You Wit

Juvenile Lyrikz

Back That Ass Up
Run For It

Luniz Lyrikz

I Got 5 On It
I Got Five On It w/Dru Down, E40, Spice 1, etc..
Put The Lead on Ya

Master P Lyrikz

Make Em Say Ugh
I Really Miss My Homies
Thinkin Bout You
Thug Girl
Good Bye To My Homies

Silkk The Shocker Lyrikz

Ain't My Fault

Snoop Dogg Lyrikz

Gin N Juice
Whats My Name
Murder Was The Case
Still A G Thang
Bitch Please

Tru Lyrikz

Hoody Hoo