Okay...I am so tired of turning on the TV and seeing Ricky Martin and the Backstreet Boys and NSync. I am so incredibly disgusted with "singing sensations" like Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera. Wherever I go, I am immediately smacked with posters and action figures and promotions for these so-called music artists.

What happened to the good music? The kind of music that the artist wrote him or herself? How can these people possibly call themselves artists if all they do is sing their music-they don't actually put anything into it? What happened to great bands like Nirvana and Gravity Kills? All of a sudden the bands of yesterday are being replaced with crap like Jay Z and boy bands and the bubble gum song singing twits like the aforementioned Britney and Christina. (Yes, we are on a first name basis.) This isn't music!! This is CRAP!

It's like magically, everything must be mainstream, otherwise it isn't good. If they aren't playing it on the radio or on TRL, then certainly it can't be worth listening to. And you know what's really sad? One of the only reasons that bands like 98 degrees and BSB and Nsync are even popular is because the members look pretty good. Lets be honest-if Nick Carter and Justin Timberlake were Lyle Lovett look-a-likes, would their group's CDs have gone platinum? I'm doubting it.

Quite frankly, I'm sick of these little girls hopping around with their NSync shirts and their Backstreet Boys scrunchies and their 98 degrees posters and their LFO stickers screaming because-OH MY GOD-Nick Carter can burp the alphabet!! Isn't he dreamy?? PUH-LEASE! Let me vomit. And it's even more pathetic when these people say that they like Limp Bizkit. Okay. NO. These are what we call "trend whores." These people have been so subjected to the media and to fads, that they like who they are told to like. Call me crazy, but I always thought being an individual was pretty freakin' cool.

I'm willing to bet that the people who say they love Limp Bizkit and Korn and Kid Rock have just now discovered that they exsist. Most of them probably haven't even heard of 3 Dollah Bill or the song A.D.I.D.A.S. It's really sad, I mean it really, really is. Just because Carson Daly thinks that some freak band is the new craze, doesn't mean that they're talented. For once, I'd like people who like certain bands to sit down and say "Why do I like this band? Is it because I think they're good? Or is it because someone I admire said they were good, but quite frankly, I think they blow?" I guarantee that many answers will not vary.

I won't lie to you now. I like Limp Bizkit and Korn (but not Kid Rock, he puts on a good show, sure, but I don't really think he's anything special), but you see...I've liked them since BEFORE they were all famous and cool and makin the massive amounts of dollars. I liked them BEFORE a lot of people did. And to those of you who have been loyal fans of bands like that from the beginning-props to you and a dose of respect from me. And even more respect to those of you who support underground and local bands-the ones that aren't mainstream. The ones that AREN'T sell outs. The ones that write their own damn music. Not that I'm calling Limp and Korn sell outs-they aren't. I'm just fed up with people who like them for the wrong reasons.

And yes, there are wrong reasons to like a band. Do you like them because the popular girl at school does? Because your favorite star does? Because the lead singer is a hottie? Because they were on the cover of Seventeen? Those are all wrong reasons right there.

Basically, I just ask that you guys support the bands that you like. Who has the right to tell us what's in and what isn't? No one-except ourselves. WE are the ones that should be able to decide what we like and what we don't, not the media and the magazines and all that garbage. We help support the music, we are inspiration for music-WE should get to decide whether we like it, and no one else. So get real people. Are you gonna still like who you like when they aren't one of the Top Ten on the Billboard charts? Are you gonna stay true to the music that you like? Or are you gonna be just another follower in the music parade?

Remember-it's pretty sad when following trends BECOMES a trend.


Below are some links to sites that support not-so-mainstream bands, as well as an anti-Britney site that just totally kicks ass. Wanna add your site or make a comment? Email me at the address below. Thanks.

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