Many of Bush's lyriks are totally lost on me, but I love them because they're WAY talented. This song is pretty easy to understand. It's about depression and using material things to make you feel better. Greedy Fly is a metaphor for greed-it's this small annoying little insect that just won't go away unless you kill it. This song can be found on their 1997 release "Razorblade Suitcase."

Greedy Fly

Do you feel the way you hate
Do you hate the way you feel
Always closest to the flame
Ever closer to the blade

I am poison crazy lush
Built these hands to lift me up
We are servants to are formulaic ways

I'm screaming daisies
From 14 miles away
I've got my own time
Got it all today

Up your mind
I need some help
To find this mind

Limbo this and limbo that
You were this and you were that
Ever know that what you fear is what you find

This indian summer
I signed my life away
There's a greedy fly in here
And I fly away

~Chorus~ (twice)

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