A lot of people who didn't know Lacey very well and thought she was really shallow and not very intelligent. She was actually extremely intelligent and could go on for days about things she found interest in. And she wrote the most unbelievable poetry I'd ever read. This page is a list of some of the things she was in to...

Favorite Band
Jefferson Airplane. She loved the way the lead singer's voice sounded and the wierd sound and lyrics. She thought they were very "extential" and often explained what she thought their songs meant.

Pink and purple. She was extremely boyish and tough, but she actually liked a lot of girlish things. Including pink and purple. Her room at my house had pink wallpaper with purple daises and her bed was a white canopy with purple sheets and a pink spread. Her dresser was painted pink with lavender handles and her closet doors were also pink with a purple border. She took pictures of her room and kept them pinned above her bed at home when she couldn't be with me.

Agatha Christie. Although she never could pronounce Hercule Poirot's name right. Her explanation? "Who the hell cares? I'm not Belgian."

Lacey also sang all the time. Her favorite song to sing was "Hero" by Mariah Carey. Mariah Carey was also her favorite singer. Lacey spent a lot of her time in our music room trying to go as high and as low as she could.

Her biggest dream was to be a singer. She loved to write and loved to sing, so it made sense, really. And she was wonderful at both. She was just so multi-talented and she had so much she wanted to do...and she never got to do even a third of it.

The Weirdest Thing About Her...

  • She ate french fries with mayo and horseraddish
  • She threw things at the TV when she didn't like what happened
  • If she got a song stuck in her head, she'd gargle it.

Her Best Assets...

  • Her hair...she probably never had a split end in her life
  • Her smile...it was perfect
  • Her hands...even though she fought, her hands were very small and delicate

I Miss This the Most...

  • Everything