MmK...I had to put this up not only because I wubbles this song, but also because my friend Layne sings one part of the song wrong. Where it says "Among us," HE says "Amona." I confronted him about it and he said "I dunno, maybe it's, like, his girlfriend." I asked if "Among us" didn't make more sense to him. He stared blankly. -=0/ Anyway, here ya go. -=0D


Everyday convince myself of everything I can and can't believe
Abused, confused

Everyday you fee every crime, just stare up at the sky and wonder why (wonder why)
Afraid deranged


Hold to your promise you can use it for a crutch
Stand by while all your dreams are trampled in the dust
Leave now before your slick machines begin to rust
Last chance farewell
Among us

Everyday you get a little bit older and everything gets hard you wonder why
Afraid deranged

Everyday you feel every crime an endless shocking show on the parade
Abused confused


Where are the Aliens?
We're the Aliens (repeat a whole buncha times)