Mah PeepOz

My Sister

I still remember the things that you said
I keep you words alive I could never forget
Cause in the final hour you made me proud
So proud that I could know you
You told the world its time that they believed in you
And you should know
Some say it wasn't worth the things we went through
I say it ain't worth losing you
I hope you know how much you've changed all our lives
Someday you'll see if only though heaven's eyes...
I love ya blondie.

Mah favorite pothead ever-Layne

You've always been there for me-since the third grade. You've hooked me up, let me get your Tommy shirts all wet with my tears, told me I looked better than Neve Campbell, even though I know you're lyin, but ish cool, you don't really look better than Ryan Phillipe. I'm kidding. I love ya beh beh!!!!

The Beautiful Cambodian Armenian Siberian Sasquatch!

My favorite little Portuguese chick! Oh yeah, and she's the older one in the back...well you know, the sexy one. -=0D I love ya beh beh! And remember...we own everyone.


Yer just so good to me *Kissies* Thank you sooooo much for all that you've done. I owe ya. *Damn rich white people*


When I close my eyes
I break down and cry
It's somethin bout the way you love me
The thought thought of your kiss
My heart can't resist
It's all about the way you love me

*MuaHz* Yer sooooooooo cute!!!


YAY ish meeh n mah gyrl Jess lookin all sessay n stuff...heh she's mah Jewish german Messican lawn mower, heh, n she's hawt too...*brrowr* Der ner der ner der ner CRAAAAAAAAYZEEEEEEE OW!

Tara Mah Sweet WhyteLatinaChino!!

MmmmmmmuaHz, look at Tara n her behbeh Lo, aren't they sooooo cute???? Awwwww. Anywayz, me wubbles you n I'm glad we're not at all grrrrr at each other anymore, I missed you sooo much!!! Spoot pride nigga!!! Oh yeah, n I think LJ n Keegan should have buttsecKz. -=0X

And for those of you not pictured...our inside jokes

Pimp them hoez *me n lei* What the f, omg what the mufuccin f, WHAAAAAAAAAAT the f, damnit!!! *me n tiff* I dont eat imitation wop food, oh my god, you're a wop? Do you have an uncle guido who drives an el camino and sprays kids with the hose when they step on the lawn? yeah baby i'd eat her foot, mefuccinyow! ooooo look at the skinny girl with the big ass, wowie, she looks like calista flockheart only with mariah carey's ass, awww fuck it, i'd do her!!! *me n jakob* uh oh it's the half naked chicken RUNNNNNNN I am the magical spooty monkey from the planet tutu, bow down to my magical spork!! Spoooootay!!! Can you go one PERIOD without saying Josh?!?!? People with Senate backpacks are GAAAAAAAY!!! Quackity quack quack! All dirty hoez suck dick nigga wha!!! *me n tara* twinkles are gewd!!!!!! what is you gettin me fo critmah nigguh? *me n allison* Nigguh load your gack!!! What's a heezy? Jessica, you're hella jewish!! Dreidle dreidle dreidle? Cutcha head off, dip it in some graaaaaaaavy *me n jessica pilatti* Duuuuuuuude, no way!! Aaron's a fag, I bet he likes purple balloons!!! Huh huh huh, I'm hella stoned, wooo, look at my eyeeeees. Let's throw pumpkins and write on people's cars!!! *me n kibby*potato chip!! the buggies gonna eat me!!!! *me n megan* Tell the rabbit to stop chasing meeeeeh!! But mom, I'm allergic to dishrags! "I hear gay guys are good in bed, let's go snag us a frootcake!" *me n monique* Does my penis look like Joseph Stalin to you? Wuvever!! Imma white boy with a black ass!! Lets go play tag in the street!! Lollipop!!! *me n jason*