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Wrathstar. Sworn to morality.

Plunged into darkness. Saved by the light. Sworn to morality. Fear The Wrath!

The storyline of Wrathstar

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The biography of Wrathstar

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Welcome to my website. Currently, My website is under construction. I just added some new stuff on my website, as you can see. I'm also drawing some new artwork to upload.

I've got alot of good feedback on Wrathstar by people in general, But they wanted to know about the supporting charaters. I will eventually make bio-pages on them like I did for Wrathstar.

I know It's been a while since I've updated my website lately. I've been though quite alot since I've last updated. The bad economy has taken a toll on everybody these days, including me.

Bottom line, I've found a way to publish my first graphic novel through If this works out, you can purchase a copy at

It will be titled Wrathstar: Dark Age.

It takes place in the middle of the saga, five years after the trial and "death" of Uylsses F'lar and the death of his wife, Susan James. Wrathstar clears the good name of Ulysses F'lar while passing judgement and punishing the people who framed him and killed his wife.

As I mentioned earlier, I will upload some new stuff, from 2000 up to now, as I will be working on my first graphic novel.

Feel free to browse around and don't get lost!

Wrathstar and all related charaters ©1999 S. E. Dillon, II All rights reserved.

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