OCEAN MOLD - Blue Jell-O made into an ocean mold. Add some candy (star shape
cupcake decorations for sea stars), gummy worms (eels), fruit treats that
look like ocean animals and plants.

DRINK OCEAN WATER - You find could some blue drinks?

BEACH FOOD - Take saltine crackers and cover them with cream cheese (that
has been tinted with blue food coloring). This is the water. Then the
students can add gold fish(or any other fruit treats, candy, gummy stuff and
etc.) to make an ocean scene.

SAND PUDDING - "Sand" pudding--vanilla pudding with graham cracker crumbs
sprinkled on the top and a gummy worm protruding from the pudding cup.

OCTOPUS & PASTA - Ingredients: Hotdogs (fattest kind you can find), Small
pasta shells. Directions: Slice hotdogs lengthwise to within 1" from end.
Keep slicing the hotdog until you have about 4-8 "legs". Boil shells
according to package directions. About 4 minutes before the pasta is done
put the hotdogs in the boiling water. When completely cooked, drain well.
Toss shells with butter or margarine and serve with the hotdogs. The hotdogs
will curl up and look just like an octopus!

OCTO-POP! - In a Dixie cup, pour juice (orange, apple, fruit punch, etc.),
put in a craft
stick. Put in gummy worms hanging over the edge to look like legs. Freeze.
When the
pop is taken out of the cup it looks like an octopus on a stick.

OCTOPUS HOT DOGS - Make octopus hot-dogs by cutting the hot dog length wise
(stopping half way up) to form eight skinny legs. Use a toothpick to poke
two eyes near the top. Drop into boiling water and the legs will curl up and
its eyes will pop out as they cook. Serve on a piece of bread with a
toothpick and paper triangle sail and goldfish crackers on the side.

POPCORN OCTOPUSES - At snack time give each child a plate with some popcorn,
softened cream cheese and shredded mozzarella cheese on it. Have the
children dip their pieces of popcorn into the cream cheese, then into the
shredded cheese.


JELLYFISH POP - In a Dixie cup, pour lemonade, put in a craft stick. Put in
long thin licorice string hanging over the edge to look like tentacles.
Freeze. When the pop is taken out of the cup it looks like a jellyfish on a

FISHING FOR A SNACK - Items needed: Blue napkins, medicine cups, pretzels,
gold fish crackers and peanut butter Instructions: Open up napkin and place
fish in the middle. (The napkin is the ocean.) Have peanut butter in the
cup. (This is the bait cup.) Use pretzels for fishing rods. Dip in bait
(peanut butter) and catch a fish. Eat fish and bait. Keep fishing until all
the fish are eaten.
Fish sticks
Fish patties
Fried Fish
Tuna sandwiches

CRAB CRACKERS - But have kids to eat them like a crab. Pick them up with
thumb and finger like pinchers and nibble small bits.

Crab Cakes