Duck, Duck, Duck, Duck, Goose!



Kindergarten is working on a very special project. We are hatching 4 duck eggs and one goose egg!

Below is a diary of our days with the eggs and ducks.

March 23

We got the eggs!!! The duck eggs are one day old and the goose egg is two days old.

March 28

We candled the eggs. (To candle an egg you shine a bright light through the egg to see if blood vessles are forming, and a mass is growing within the egg. All of our eggs are alive and healthy! Click on the Date to see the first pictures of our ducks and goose.

March 30

We candled the eggs again today. In the pictures you can see where the blood vessels are now starting to move around the eggs and are more pronounced. Soon the entire egg will be filled with the circulatory system of our ducklings.

April 5

Candled egg at 14 days of incubation. Today was the first time we saw one of the embryos move.



April 13

Candled egg at 21 days of incubation. The eggs are becoming harder to see through as the embryo takes up more space..


April 19

Dudley Arrives!!!!!

( This takes time to load be patient! It is worth the wait!)

Watch Dudley Grow!!


Lucy the Goose


Our Eggs

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