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Welcome to Starbase 23

Starbase 23

Welcome aboard the main base of operations and main repair/refit facility of the New Generation Fleet, Starbase 23. Welcome,I Fleet Admiral Ronald James Pierce Jr. am the commanding officer.. Starbase 23 is located inside the Theta system,in orbit around it's sun between the two planets of Theta Prime Theta IV and a asteroid belt.The station is home to over 10,000 Officers, Enlisted personal,and their families.The Starbase herself is well protected with multi-layered titanium/dytrilithium shielding, hellfire torpedoes, chronoton torpedoes and enhanced quantam torpedo weapons stations all around. For added defense,offense,and scouting, the Starships USS SilverStarre, USS Constantinople-B ,USS HellRaiser and the USS Titanus have been stationed at Starbase 23.

Home Of The New Generation Fleet New Generation Fleet Commanding Officers Join the New Generation Fleet

The Theta Cluster ShipYards The New Generation Fleet Academy The New Generation Fleet ASDB

The New Generation Fleet Chapters The New Generation Fleet Divisions The New Generation Fleet Rules

Sign the station's Log Mail us here The New Generation Fleet Handbook The NGF Observation Lounge

The New Generation Fleet FlagShip
Dividing Line

-"Computer please clarify the list on this panel." You say out loud.

-The computer voice starts to explain.

=/\=Starbase 23 is your present location.=/\=

"Computer please clarify all of the departments on starbase 23"

=/\=The New Generation Fleet Command Staff is the department that has the information on those in charge of Starbase 23.=/\=

=/\=The New Generation Fleet Chapters is the department that has the information on those in charge of Starbase 23 operations.=/\=

=/\=The New Generation Fleet Divisions is the department that has the information on the areas the starbase is divided into.=/\=

=/\=The New Generation Fleet Academy is where new players sign up and learn about how to participate in the New Generation Fleet rpg,the rules and regulations needed to succeed.=/\=

=/\=The New Generation Fleet Rules ad Regulations is where the members of the NGF learn the do's and dont's of this rpg.=/\=

=/\=The Theta Cluster ShipYards contain the ships that are built for use in the New Generation Fleet.The Theta Cluster Shipyard needs security clearance Alpha 1 to view some of the vessels.=/\=

=/\=The New Generation Fleet Advanced Starship Design Bureau is the department where the newest class vessel are being built.=/\=

=/\=The USS SilverStarre, USS Titanus, USS Scorpion, USS Phoenix, USS Constantinople-B and the USS HellRaiser are the ships currently stationed at Starbase 23.=/\=

The computer stops speaking and you turn around and enter the station.
Dividing Line
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