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12/13/03 It's almost the end of the year and we're playing our final show of 2003 at Skully's tonight. Go Evol Shiki!, Audion, and Diet are on hand to rearrange your paradigms. Frostiva is currently planning our release party for early 2004. We'll let you know as soon as we do...

6/30/03 So you're probably wondering what the hell we've been up to. These past few weeks have been busy. We opened for Melt Banana earlier this month, played at Skully's for the first time, played for Whitney Lee's art opening at the Neo Gallery (next to The Dragonfly on 5th avenue-Go see her work!!!), and played a show at Bernie's with our friends The Cinema Eye and Audion. Trinae will be in England for the summer so Frostiva won't be playing for the next few months. We are planning a big party when she gets back in August or September so make sure that you're there to welcome her back to the States. Sign our guestbook and let us know how much you love us. Chao.

3/11/03 We got the chance to meet one of our favorite bands, Ladytron. See what they said about us here. I'm also feeling generous today, so I posted a sample of one of our new songs here. It's not mastered, so it's a little quiet--you have to turn it up...

1/25/03 Us--recording? Yep, we're at Relay Recording working on a full length. For those of you who were waiting for the EP, you'll just have to wait some more. Songs include Zero Hour and Suspiria...I'll try to put up some snippets of the songs soon. Also, we have buttons and stickers in the works.

11/18/02 We're still here but are working on a whole bunch of new songs. We will be playing a benefit for Andyman's charities in December at Little Brother's. You should still sign our guestbook. We dare you.

8/26/02 I just made a Reviews page.

07/31/02 So I finally changed some things around on here....hope you like the new fonts and pics. There will be more changes soon, and sorry for any broken or un-updated links.

01/30/02 We're laying low for a while but we do have a show in February with Black Cat Music (they sound just like The Murder City Devils) and the dreamboats Go Evol Shiki!

Last night we played on Otterbein's The Local Buzz, leaving chaos in our wake. My apologies to Ryan if there was any fallout with the Drama kids...and that I said on the air the only word I wasn't supposed to (Freudian slip)...and the other nonsense we talked about. Also thanks to Gigawatt for being kind enough to help us load our stuff in the rain.

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