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Dates Archive - 2001


12/7/01 (Friday) at Basso Bar with Turn Pale and Premiere


11/27/01 (Tuesday) at Little Brother's - Benefit for the families of the NYC firefighters with The Johnson Brothers, Go Evol Shiki!, and The Flotation Walls (sponsored by Rag-O-Rama, Avalon, and Cricket West)

11/10/01 (Saturday) at Basso Bar with Loraxx, Blow Up, and The Bible


10/19/01 (Friday) at Bernie's with Di Di Mao

10/01/01 (Monday) at Little Brother's with Fivehead and Go Evol Shiki!


9/20/01 (Thursday) at Bernie's with Jon Chinn and The Vincents

9/15/01 (Saturday) at Basso Bar with Go Evol Shiki!


CANCELLED!! 8/31/01 (Friday) at Insomnia with Kopaz and Go Evol Shiki!

8/30/01 (Thursday) "Freshly Squeezed" series at The Northberg Tavern with Blatant Finger and The NSA

8/25/01 (Saturday) at Little Brother's with Gil Mantera's Party Dream and Superstar Rookie

8/16/01 (Thursday) at Bernie's with The Knives and The Long Goodbye (Teen Beat! Records)


CANCELLED!! 7/12/01 (Thursday) at Oldfield's on High with TBA

7/11/01 (Wednesday) at Bernie's with The Sick Lipstick and Blow Up

7/6/01 (Friday) at Bernie's with Go Evol Shiki! and The Flotation Walls


6/16/01 (Saturday) at the Northberg Tavern with Trapper John and TBA

6/3/01 (Sunday) at Outland with Hex on Wheels

6/2/01 (Saturday) at Addition 13 with Pinebender and Go Evol Shiki!


5/19/01 (Saturday) at Oldfield's on High with Go Evol Shiki! and Kopaz

5/10/01 (Thursday) at Oldfield's on High with The Honeys and Templeton


4/23/01 (Monday) at Little Brother's with Fenix Phoundation and Trapper John

4/5/01 (Thursday) at High Five with Tex Mexner, Neverwhere and Go Evol Shiki!


3/29/01 (Thursday) at Oldfield's on High with The Honeys and Adrenaline Rocket

3/3/01 (Saturday) Take Back the Night Fundraiser at Addition 13 with Kitty Pryde, Triage of a Promise, and Corpus Christi


2/21/01 (Wednesday) at Little Brother's with Go Evol Shiki!, Alasdair, and F-Bomb


12/31/00 New Year's Eve Private Party at Insomnia with Go Evol Shiki!