~ Bridesmaids ~

Maid of Honor

Angela Alaimo
Angela and I have been best friends for 2 years.
We met in an English class at Cuyahoga Community College.
Since then, we've done just about everything together.
She was even with me the night I first met Fuzz!
Angela is more like a sister to me than a friend - she is
absolutely my best friend in the world, and the best wedding
coordinator any girl could ever hope for.

Maid of Honor

Kylie Ungewitter
Kylie and I have been friends since we were barely
teenagers. We've gone through quite a lot together.
When we were younger, I always swore she'd be the maid of honor at my wedding.
But since Fuzz and I have never been the traditional
types, I get TWO maids of honor - and I still
get to keep my promise to my favorite New England girl.

Becky Clark
Becky was the first close friend I made after moving to Twinsburg.
This girl has taught me everything I know, and don't let her tell you any different!
I had the honor of being a bridesmaid in her wedding 4 years ago,
and now I'm repaying the favor. You can tell she loves me - she's in a wedding
in Canada the day before mine, and yet she's
making herself get back in town SOMEhow in time for my day.

Amy Minix
Amy is by far my oldest friend. We met in Dayton
when I was just 8 years old, and somehow - despite distance,
growing up, and spending roughly 7 years trying
to get back in touch - we're still friends to this day.
She's one of those people that will always be a permanent fixture in my life,
and I thank the stars above that we got back in touch just in time
for her to share my engagement and be a part in my wedding.

Lisa Oliveri
Lisa and I go back to those crazy mid-teenager days.
Our hectic schedules and geographic locations have kept us apart for entirely too long,
but she's by FAR the best person I've ever known.
I'm the luckiest person just to know her, let alone have her stand behind me
on the biggest day in my life so far. Trust me, meet her once and you'll be hooked.
She's just THAT amazing.
(Read what she wrote on the above picture and you'll see what I mean.

Becky Krouse
Becky and I met at the Ohio Center for Broadcasting.
We seemed SO unlike but we quickly became inseperable.
She was also with me the first night I met Fuzz, and I introduced her
to her soon-to-be fiance, my friend Steve. We must be good luck charms for each other.
If you get her confused with the other Becky, just call her B-dog.
She'll be the one wearing black for me. ;)

Karen Certo
Karen and I met through Angela, who is great
at setting people up to become good friends. We've gone through
tons of crazy times together. She's lots of fun
and has a great heart, and is probably more excited about this wedding
than I am, although she'd never admit to it!

Jen Stroh
Jen and Fuzz have been close friends for a while now,
all thanks to Common Grounds - the same coffee shop where both Jen and I met Fuzz.
She's so spunky and adorable, what's not to love?

Junior Bridesmaid
Brianna Barry
Brianna is my cousin on my mom's side, daughter of
my uncle Thom and aunt Karlene, whose wedding I was in
when I was 11. Uncle Thom is also my godfather.
Brianna is 10 and lives in Connecticut.
She's so adorable and I can't wait to see her all dressed up
and walking down the aisle with Sammy.

Flower Girl
Aurelie Barry
Aurilie is Brianna's sister and my littlest cousin.
(She is named after my great-grandmother.)
She's adorable and outgoing and loves Mr. Fuzzy. =)

~ Groomsmen ~

(written by Fuzz)

No picture avaiable yet.

Best Man

Dennis Roy
Dennis is my older step-brother.
We try to hang out a lot, but it never works out that way.
And if we do, it's always at a bar or at our parents' house.
Dennis got along really well with Heather's mom at the ballgame.

No picture currently available.

Best Man

Peter Sanovich
Pete is my oldest and closest friend.
Our moms knew each other growing up and he and I were friends
before we were even born. The whole Sanovich family is like my extended family.

Jeremy Carmac

Jeremy is another of my good friends who I met at
Common Grounds 3 years ago. We are good drinking buddies,
even though Jeremy tends to always be late for things weeks at a time!
(Jeremy, the wedding date is Aug. 22nd 2004!!)

No picture currently available.
Chuck Nohiejl
Chuck Nohiejl (pronounced "nohill") is another friend
of mine who I used to babysit and I went to school with his older sister, Nicole.
The two of us got into lots of trouble over the years.
(Chuck knows what I mean.)
I have known him for about 10 yrs.

Alex Zawolowycz
Alex and I met through Heather. He is Heather's best
guy friend and surrogate boy friend. No hard feeling here though.
He and I are good friends and enjoy the occasional drink together - ok every chance we get lol.
(The following writting by Heather):
If you can pronounce Alex's last name correctly just
from reading this, I'll personally give you ten dollars.
Alex has always been my back-up boyfriend, but no hard feelings now that
I'm getting married. I think he may like Fuzz
more than he even likes me, and he definitely loves Becky Clark
more than both of us combined, so he had to be in the wedding.
I don't think Becky would even be in it unless she could
walk down the aisle with him. PS - I hate you two. LoL.

No picture currently available.

David Schwartz
(Written by Heather.)
David is my older cousin, and by far my closest one.
He's much more like a brother to me than a cousin, especially
since I'm an only child and never had any siblings.
I always knew that one day, he would be in my wedding
no matter what. (He really hates the thought of wearing a tux.)

Steven Vasko
(Written by Heather.)
Steve is by far my best (straight) guy friend.
He's also B-dog's soon-to-be-fiance!
(I hooked them up, don't listen to what anyone else says... hehehe.)
He and Fuzz got to know each other briefly before Steve left for the army,
and hung out whenever Steve was home on leave.
He's so thrilled to be part of the wedding, and we are so happy to have him.
But no one's more excited than Becky, I'm sure, since this will most likely be
the only time she ever sees him in a tuxedo!

Matthew "Sammy" Ribis
Matthew (aka Sammy) is my 12-year-old adopted brother
and my cousin; he was adopted at birth my my mom.
He means the world to me. I have him over to our house
evey chance I can get. He learned everything he knows about the ladies
from me. Oh and yes, he is availiable! (And he'll be a teenager by the wedding!!)

Ring Bearer
Jake Boegert
Jakey is Fuzz's stepsister's oldest son.
He's the cutest little thing, and I call him my little monkey
because he loves to climb up in my lap.
He's a little shy, but I'm sure Aurelie will bring him
out of his shell. They're going to be the cutest couple at the wedding!