The Heather and Tori Page!

Yeah, well, it's a crappy picture of me... But Tori looks
great! <grins> This picture was taken on July 22, 1998
as a result of a contest I won on  107.9 the End , my fave
radio station from back in Cleveland...

Not only did I get this meet-and-greet with Tori, I also won two
free tickets to the concert (which I gave to my friend, 'cuz I
already had my seats), and I also got to sit in the very very very
VERY front floor seats through a couple of songs during the
sound check.  (She played Baker Baker and Mary, which were
her two solo piano songs on this particular night of the tour.) I
took mega pictures during that... As soon as I get 'em scanned,
I'll post some of them for you to see.

I gave Tori a letter, which she tucked into her overalls. I was so
nervous, I was all giggly and flipping out to the point that Tori
actually made fun of me. I think if it was anyone else but Tori,
I may have taken it the wrong way and would have been sad or
something, but hell, I was on such an adreneline high, I didn't care
if she threw up on my shoes or something.. hehehehe.

I got a hug after the polaroid and autograph... But only because
I asked for one and I think she was trying to get rid of me by
humoring me. <smiles>  She really is a *very* nice person, and
very pretty too. (Oh, and she's NOT taller than me, she's just
wearing big platform shoes, I swear it.. and I'm only 5'3.5''. So
that makes Tori probably about 5'2'' or so.)

This night was great for me. By far, one of the best of my life.
I brought along one of my bestest friends, Rachel, who was also
there with me when I won the radio contest.
(Courtesy of the DJ, #1 Son.. you can look him up on
the End's web page.) I screamed so loud the night I won, hehehe.
Everyone said no one deserved it more than I did... <brags>

I know I didn't exactly *earn* my way into Tori's arms.. but hey.
It was good anyways.


So now you know the story.