Ahhh... Kylie. There is so much to be said about this one...

How I met this crazy girl

Kylie and I met in the spring of 1996. I could almost say we met on Prodigy, but we really didn't. No, Kylie and I met through Prodigy people, on VMBs. (Cartoon VMB tag... Fred Flinstone! *click* Mighty Mouse! *click* Wow, you know, I forgot all about Mighty Mouse, that's a good one!) Hehehe.... We were two of the four or us that became a close-knit group. (The other two were Emily and Steve(n).. one of which Ky and I are still in touch with, the other has pretty much vanished.)

Why she's one of my best friends

Ky and I have gone through a hell of a lot together - many ups and downs between the two of us. But above it all, we ended up still very close friends. Kylie introduced me to Coygon, whom is lost but not forgotten. She kept in touch with me while I was at college, living in Phoenix, and just getting into trouble all over. Hehehe.

How I REALLY met this crazy girl

Kylie and I first met two days before Christmas, 1998. I was living in Phoenix at the time, and flew to Connecticut to be with my family for Christmas. She drove all the way down from Pittsfield just to meet me. We went to Denny's... which is a funny story in and of itself! Also, Ky's cute little face got us free coffee at a gas station. ;) Hehehe.

I moved to Pittsfield in July, 1999. Kylie and I were roomies for two whole months. =) Then she moved to Alabama with her now ex-fiance, Al, and I moved back to Ohio. I've only seen her once since then - Christmas again, in 1999 when I pretty much stole my dad's van to drive to Pittsfield to see her - but I still hear from her plenty.... Especially when I got my tongue pierced. Hehehe.

Pictures of the Kylie monster

I wish I could scan every single picture from my Massachusetts photo album (as does Kylie, I'm sure.. NO, KYLIE!!! NO!!!!!! hehehe). But, I can't. However, there are quite a few of them scanned on Kylie's page because I put them there. Hehehehe. These pix will soon be coming to my page as well, but until I get around to putting more pix of Kylie up here, all you can see is that sexy pic of her that I stole from Tony's page. (Slightly altered!) Kylie is a great girl, and obviously one of my best friends. Hopefully we'll still be this close another 4 years down the line.


Kylie's got this thing for Pearl Jam... And I introduced her to the wonderful world of Ani DiFranco. We won't even get into the reason why I put the Venga Boys on here....
* Yellow Ledbetter - Pearl Jam * Last Kiss - Pearl Jam * The Whole Night - Ani DiFranco * 32 Flavors - Ani DiFranco * Boom Boom Boom Boom - the Venga Boys