Album: Ani DiFranco
Song: Fire Door

Fire Door

I opened the fire door to four lips
None of which were mine
Tightened my belt around my hips
Where your hands are missing
And stepped out in the cold collar high
Under the slate gray sky
The air was smoking and the streets were dry
And I wasn't joking when I said goodbye

Past magazine quality men talking on the corner
French no less much less of them than us
So why do I feel like something's been rearranged
You know, taken out of context
I must seem so strange

Killed a cockroach so big
It left a puddle of puss on my wall
You know, when you and I are lying in bed
You don't seem so tall
I am singing now
Because my tear ducts are too tired
And my mind is disconnected
But my heart is wired

I make such a good statistic
Someone should study me now
Someone's got to be interested in how I feel
Just because I'm here and I'm real
Oh how I miss
Substituting the conclusion to a confrontation with a kiss and
Oh how I miss
Walking up the edge and jumping in
Like I could feel the future on your skin