Well, where should I begin??

Chris is my *newest* bestest friend... We met last fall sometime. I wish I could remember exactly when. Anyways, we met on AOL and, luckily, he's local! We started hanging out and got pretty close.

Chris is by far one of the coolest, funniest people I know. He always cheers me up when I need it, and even when I don't. =) He'll do just about anything to make me smile. Most specifically, the Charlie Brown dance and the Big Gay Al song.... LOL!!! And I can't even begin to tell you how many new movies I saw on video even before they come out on video to the public - it pays off to have friends that (used to) work at Blockbuster and stay up as late as I do. (Sometimes even later!) Also with Chris, you never have to worry about smoking alone, because he'll always enjoy one with you. Hehehehe.... Unfortunately, he recently started working 3rd shift, so our schedules conflit a lot and I hardly see him anymore. But when I do, I always have fun. =)

These pictures of Chris were made very recently, using my little computer camera. Woohoo. =) Isn't he a stud?? But don't tell him that, his ego is too big as it is. Anyways, I look like crap in this picture of the both of us, but I figured I'd put it up here anyways 'cuz Chris just looks too cute in it. =) Keep checking back on this page for upcoming videos of Chris singing and dancing and playing with his 'chucks - as soon as I figure out how to make videos instead of just taking pictures. The girls will swoon, Christopher... the girls will swoon.

This is Chris. Uhhh.. yeah.

This is Chris and me. I look like crap, but keep your filthy comments to yourself! Dammit. Hehehe.

This is Chris and a dog. =) This was taken a while ago... cute, isn't he? I think so! Oh, and uh, Chris isn't so bad either.