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Interdepartmental Memo
From: Public Relations Department Head - Crystal Lynn Whitmore
To: Chief Executive Officer - Michael Joshua Whitmore

Hi, hon. He's the information that you wanted me to put together for our partners. I got all but the most sensitive of our secrets in the pages that follow.

Game Master nota: You'll find here all my game related notes about the text. Players, this information is GM only. There's a lot of spoilers here.

The Secrets of Griffin

Classification: Omega Grade

Eyes Only - Do Not Distribute

Megacorporate Alliance

Griffin Industries has joined forces with Ares Macrotechnology, Saeder-Krupp Heavy Industries, and Draco Foundation to promote a higher standard of living and to provide a greater degree of security for all their members. By the use of a mutual information and defensive pact, the four megacorps have made startling breakthroughs while promoting an atmosphere of covert, if not overt, friendliness between the members of the cabal.

The cabal was initially formed at the request of both Dunkelzahn and Lofwyr, both of whom realized that they were working toward the same basic end, but were using radically different methods. Because neither dragon would willing be a subordinate partner with the other, Griffin Industries, and more specifically the Whitmore Family, was chosen to be the head of the cabal. First among equals, so to speak.

In order to provide a more balanced array of assets, it was decided in 2051 to bring Ares Macrotechnologies into the alliance. Between the three megacorps and the still rapidly growing up and comer, the cabal had sufficient assets in every area of research and would be able to stay on the cutting edge for a very long time. If not more or less permanently.

The outbreaks of the 2054 and 2056 wars were on the orders of Fuchi Asia's Shikei Nakatomi. Suspicion is that these strikes were ordered in retaliation of events that took place in early 2050, but we are unable to get conformation at this time. More likely is that the strikes were done at the request of the Yakuza, who are believed to have been involved in the biogenetic experiements conducted by Fuchi at that time, but again, no hard proof is available.

Due to the friendly working relationship between the various members, their security and military assets include a limited degree of training in combined arms operations between members. Specifically, security forces are often crosstrained with members of other corporate forces and exchanges of "liasons" are commonplace as well. On several occasions this practice of liasoning has worked to the advantage of troops in Desert Wars as military assets of the members on occasion work together to break a superiorly entrenched and equipped force.

With recent events, the four heads of the cabal have considered expanding their member base to include both Novatech Inc and Cross Applied Technologies. Negotiations between Damien Knight of Ares Macrotechnology and Richard Villiers of Novatech as well as Nadja Davier of Draco Foundation and Lucien Cross of Cross Applied Technologies continue at this date. If Novatech and Cross Technologies join the cabal, it will finally give the cabal the necessary leverage on Corporate Court.

Game Master nota: I am currently leaving how deep the cabal is in the affairs of (meta)humanity is to the GM. I do suggest that the players gradually uncover data of this nature. How you (as the GM) deal with this is at your discression.

Computer Technologies

One of the most startling areas of breakthrough by Griffin Industries is the application of computer programming technologies. In 2051, Griffin successfully activated the first semi autonoumous (bound to the Home System and completely loyal to the Whitmore family),self reprogramming (within certain limits), self repairing, self replicating (again within certain limits) smart knowbot (refered to in common lingo as an Artifical Intelligence program), which operates under the name of Homer.

Homer's original programing was intended to provide a semi autonomous knowbot capable of monitoring all the data coming in and out of the Home Office System. Due to a programming error and the attempted correction of that same error, Homer achieved the state of self awareness in February 2nd, 2051 at 07:51:42.

Homer has reproduced twice. Alphonse, who primarily acts as an information gather and sorter. Alphonse is currently the only member of his family not bound to the Home Office computer and spends most of his time in data collection, system integration, and information co-ordination between the members of the cabal.

Bonaparte, who is Homer's other sibling, is likewise bound to the Home Office Host and acts as the guardian of the entrance to the Home Office Ultraviolet system.

The Home Office System is divided into two seperate sections. The forward section (for public access) contains all the non-critical information concerning the function and production of Griffin, including catalog services, product lines, PR offices, etc. and is a rating 6 Red system.

A single land line seperates the public grid from the private archives. This land line can be seperated at any point in time by a series of explosive bolts. Once the land line has been severed, the inner system is completely isolated from outside access. The inner system is the home of both Homer and Bonaparte and is carefully guarded and maintained by both. Bonaparte waits at the junction point between the two seperate sections of the Home System and monitors all data flowing between the two for tampering or intruders.

Homer is the Host adminstrator and is responsible for overseeing all data stored within, including the special operations personnel files and research data. The inner system is a very highly rated Ultraviolet system (configued complete with flying sailing ships and floating buildings).

Game Master nota: Homer is a rating 20 AI while Alfonce and Bonaparte are rating 18. The Home Office System is a rating 16 Ultraviolet host.

High Threat Response Teams and Krand Mages

While the appearance of High Threat Response Teams reduce or elimate the deniablity of shadow assets, this is considered to be a better option than having to constantly replace shadow assets. Because Griffin does take care of all their employees, it was decided that military grade backup was required for any situation that shadow assets require backup.

All shadow teams acting under contract have a "panic button" which allows them to call for their HTR team backup. This panic button is roughly the size of a laser pointer or a ballpoint pen and the activation button is on the side rather than the top to prevent accidental triggering.

HTR Teams are equiped with a variety of weapondry, usually Griffin made, and equiped with the cybernetically enhanced battle suits designed for their usage. If the HTR Team should fail to be suffient, a full platoon of heavy infantry, complete with air and magical support will be sent in.

Response times for HTR units are usually between 5 and 15 minutes depending upon the location of the nearest Griffin facility.

Krand Mages are specially trained team leaders who's primary focus is dealing with magical rather than mundane threats. Because of the unique nature of their training, they are capable of calling upon just about any spirit using techniques found only in the libraries of the Great Dragons.

Up until the first class of Krands graduated in 2056, regular Hermetic magicians were used in their place. Most of the Hermetic mages were transfered to military positions once their Krand counterparts appeared.

Game Master nota: Use the "Doc Wagon Response Time" table on page 91 of the Companion for determining how long it takes an HTR team to respond to a panic button call. Add 1 minute for every 5 miles past 25 to the roll. A HTR panic button is a rating 3 device.
Krands acquire metamagic techniques in the following order: Centering (grade 1), Masking(grade 2),Invoking (grade 3), Shielding (grade 4), Quickening (grade 5), Cleansing (grade 6), Reflecting (grade 7), Astral Gateway (grade 8). Currently (2060) there are no Krands above grade 8.

Interdepartmental Memo
From: Chief Executive Officer - Michael Joshua Whitmore
To: Public Relations Department Head - Crystal Lynn Whitmore

Looks good, hon. Don't really see anything that needs to be changed.

Game Master nota: And there you have it. If I missed details or you have questions, contact me at the usual email address.
Hope this new material helps everyone expand their campaigns!
Happy gaming!

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