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Magical Data


Weaving is a metamagic technique that the Path of the Krand is derived from. While no limitations exist on who can use Weaving, the nature of Weaving tends to lean itself toward Hermetic mages.

Weaving is similar to the free spirit power of Sorcery. Rules for Weavers (those who use Weaving) appear below.

Weaving can only be learned by an Astral Quest. The Quest rating is either the Initiate Grade of the quester or 4 + 1d6, whichever is HIGHER.

Finally, once the Weaving metamagic technique is learned, the Dweller of the Threshold will not appear again unless the Initate should call for it.

A Weaver uses Sorcery exactly like any other magician with the following exception: Drain does not affect a Weaver. The Weaver cannot, however, cast a spell at a Force higher than his or her Magic Attribute.

A Weaver can summon all spirits (including elementals, nature spirits, and spirits of the elements).

A Weaver never suffers Drain from Conjuring but cannot summon a spirit with a force greater than their Charisma Attribute. Watchers have a maximum force equal to the Weavers Charisma or one half the Weavers Magic Attribute, whichever is lower.


Guardians are a magical group unique to Griffin Industries. This group is devoted primarily to elimination (when possible) and containment (when not possible) of all types of magical threats.


Type: Dedicated
Members: 20
Strictures: Fraternity, Geasa, Oath, Obedience, Secrecy.
Resources/Dues: Luxury. No dues.
Patron: Griffin Industries.
Customs: Guardians are provided with whatever magical resources that are required, such as foci, conjuring materials, etc. The Guardians have access to rating 14 hermetic libraries. All Guardians are either Weavers or Physical Adepts.
Rank is determined by Initiate grade.

The Immortality Factor

While rumors and many suggestions as to how Immortality actually works exist, herein is the version that I myself use.

Immortality is both a blessing and a curse. The ability to outlive one's enemies certainly has it's appeal, but boredom can become by far the worst of enemies as one struggles to find new ways to pass the centuries.

Immortals (those with the Immortality Factor) have an Immunity to Age, Diseases, Pathogens, and Posions due to a strong connection between their astral and physical selves. While mundane Immortals certainly exist, the inherited trait seems to predominate only in those who display magical ability.

The curse of such a strong connection is that the Immortal cannot conceal what they are. The best that Masking can achieve is to one half, rounded down (so that a grade 7 can appear no lower than a grade 3) of the Immortal's Initiate Grade.

Immortal mundanes appear to be of an unfocused but strong magical ability. Immortals are not dual natured and should not be treated as such.

In addition, the Immortal's Magic Attribute appears to be at twice the rating that it actually is when Masking is not used. An observer can only determine the Immortal's true Magic Attribute by rolling against the apparent (rather than the true) Magic Attribute.

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