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Krand Mage

Quote: "You don't know nearly as much about magic as you think you do. I've learned secrets that most never will know. You may find better, but there won't be many."

Body: 3
Quickness: 4
Strength: 3
Charisma: 6
Intelligence: 6
Willpower: 6

Reaction (Astral Reaction): 5 (9)
Initiative (Astral Initiative): 5 + 1d6 (29+1d6)

Essence: 6
Body Index: 2.4

Karma: 4
Combat: 8
Spell: 7

Active Skills
Athletics: 3
Conjuring: 8
Etiquette: 5
Hardsuit Weapondry: 4
Leadership: 5
Pistols: 6
Sorcery: 8

Knowledge Skills
English (R/W): 5(2)
Literature: 3
Magic Background: 6
Magical Threats: 4
Megacorporate Politics: 5
Security Procedures: 6
Small Unit Tactics: 6
Theran (R/W): 5(2)

Damage Compensators 9
Mnemonic Enhancers 3

Burst 5
Firestorm 5
Manabeam 6
Manastorm 6
Satisfy Hunger 3
Shield 5
Stunstorm 6
Stunball 6
Total Invisiblity 3
Urban Wrecker 5

Typical Gear
Type H "Hellcat" Hardsuit
Griffin Marksman Heavy Pistol with AV rounds.

Magical Data
Magic: 9 (6)
Initate Grade: 3
Metamagic Techniques: Invoking, Masking, Weaving.
Notes: Can summon nature spirits, spirits of the elements, elementals, and watchers. Can not summon ally spirits.
Cannot be part of a magical group with anyone other than Krand mages. For game purposes, Krand Mages as a unique path.
Krand magic is explained in the GM section on the Path of the Krand .

Custom Spells

Manabeam and Manastorm spells are stronger versions of the Manabolt and Manaball spells. They have a base damage code of Deadly and inflict physical damage.

Stunbeam and Stunstorm spells are stonger versions of the Stunbolt and Stunball spells. They have a base damage code of Deadly and inflict stun damage.

Burst and Urban Wrecker spells are physical spells that only affect non-living objects. Burst only affects one object while Urban Wrecker is an area effect spell. These spells will affect any object and are not limited to one particular type.

The Satisfy Hunger spell provides the target with nourishment, allwoing them to live off of pure mana for one day. The spell prevents starvationd and dehydration as well as satisfying the need to eat and drink. This spell can only be cast on a voluntary target and requires that the caster touch the target.

The Total Invisiblity spell renders the target of the spell completely undetectable to any form of detection except if the target is physically touched or bumps into someone. The target of the spell is immune to a full spectrum of detection devices except for those that require physical contact with the target (such as tripwires). Furthermore, the target is rendered completely silent and any weapons used by the target remain unseen when used (i.e. no barrel flash). Note that the target remains visible in the astral.

The Shield spell creates a field of magical energy around the target that protects from physical damage. Only one success is required to activate the spell and further successes have no additional effect. The spell provides the target with the number of impact and ballistic armor points equal to the spell's force. Toxins (such as Hyper and Gamma -Scopolamine) are reduced by the force of the spell for purposes of damage. If the toxin strength does not exceed the rating of the spell, then it has no effect.

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