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Corporate Information

Griffin Industries

World Headquarters: Cincinnati, UCAS
President/CEO: Michael Joshua Whitmore (Hunter)
Chairman of the Board: Michael Whitmore
Corporate Status: Sole Proprietorship

Major Divisions:
Specialty Personnel, Inc.
Ippuli Entertainment, Inc.
Krand Education and Magical Resources, Inc.
Carnici Research and Development, Inc.

Senior Personnel: Crystal Lynn Whitmore (Phoenix) - Public Relations


Griffin's corporate structure more resembles that of a military chain of command than a business. While power and responsiblity belong primarily to the Whitmores and their immediate subordinates, a surprising amount of autonomy is given to those who would normally be under the microscope.

Primary Business

While Griffin does exist and has a significant influence in the "normal" world, Griffin's real muscle lies in the shadows. The appearance of Griffin Industries into the chaotic North American shadow market appears to have created a more stable work environment.

Griffin's primary concern is the shadow market and the diverse nature of the products that she provides shows that. Everything from household appliances, to food products, to miltary grade hardware is available from Griffin, almost always under the label of one of her subsidiaries.

Griffin's strongest influence lies in that of North America, but has branched out into the European and lightly into the Asian markets as well. Virtually every major city within North America from the Aztlan border to Quebec has a Griffin shadow facility of some sort, usually providing the full spectrum of Griffin products and services. Recently, facilities have started appearing in the Quebec area starting at the beginning of this year.

Mystical Goods and Services

No one knows more about magic than Griffin does, not even the Azzies. Griffin's magical division, the Krand Education and Magical Services branch, is the world's largest provider of talismongering materials and enchanting gear.

In addition, Griffin is far out in front in the field of magic. Cutting edge magical techniques, lead by the finest available researchers and backed by the most elite and unusual of magic practitioners known, guarantee Griffin the lead spot for a long time to come.

Cybernetic and Organic Enhancement

Because of the shadow market's constant demand for more and better types of human enhancement, Griffin has grown into one of the world's largest manufacter of Cyberware and Bioware.

Griffin is the world's largest provider of cyberware components, and has a complete line of cyberware available under the Carnici brand name.

Odds are if someone makes it, then so does Griffin. Griffin manufactures and installs all grades of cyberware up to and including Deltaware.

While Bioware isn't of as large of a demand as cyberware seems to be, Griffin also provides a full line of bioware for the shadow market, again under the Carnici name. In addition, Griffin has at least eight facilities capable of manufacturing and installing deltaware.

However, cybermancy isn't available through Griffin.

Military Hardware

Griffin has proved itself to be a contender in the area of military technology. Everything from pistols to body armor to the new rail gun technology is available from Griffin. In addition, Griffin produces drones and vehicles for shadow as well as military use.


Because a run can succeed or fail by the quality of a decker's equipment, Griffin also produces several hot cyberdecks and has a full range of programs available.

While most deckers don't or won't trust corporate made programs, Griffin computer technology tends to hover at or near state of the art almost constantly.

In addition, Griffin maintains a seperate series of matrix nodes that can be used for matrix meets with the most complete security currently available.

Prominent Enemies

In spite of Griffin's relatively short history, Griffin has her share of enemies.

Two shadow wars with Fuchi left a bad taste in the mouth of more than one Fuchi executive, including Renraku's Shikei Nakatomi, often leaving Renraku runners facing down Griffin security.

In addition, there seems to be hostility between Aztechnology and Griffin. This has lead to some near shooting matches on several occasions, and Griffin is believed to be one of the major backers of the Aztlan resistance groups.

Working for Griffin

Unlike many of the megacorps, Griffin has an equal opportunity policy that even Yamatetsu would have trouble matching. Merit is the sole determining factor in advancement and discrimination is practially non-existent.

Griffin employees are often educated above and beyond that needed for their jobs, at least equal to or superior to that given Saeder Krupp employees.

In addition, office dress codes are on the conservative side. Knee length Suit skirts or ankle length dresses are considered manditory for all women working in a Griffin office while men are expected to wear nothing less than a three piece suit.

The military uniforms have a passing resemblence to the old U.S. Marine uniforms with the colors of grey and yellow for non-dress uniforms. Dress uniforms are a flat white and again, female uniforms include a knee length skirt.

Corporate Security

Griffin's security is ironclad. Everything from matrix security to physical security is the best around and Griffin security personnel have the best equipment available to do their jobs. In addition, Griffin's military force is highly trained and disciplined. Not much of a surprise given that the boss is a former special forces operative.

Most on site personnel will attempt to capture rather than kill an invading runner team. Priority is put on neutralization rather than elimination. Should that fail, military grade personnel on the second line of defense will usually be equipped with cybernetically enhanced battle armor and anti-vehicle weapons.

Griffin's matrix security is only second to that of Novatech and is almost always of the lethal variety. Trace and burn seems to be a favorite choice among Griffin matrix programmers.

Game Information

Griffin Asset Ratings: Total:89

Griffin Attributes:
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