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Employee Contract Types

Tired of getting double crossed by that Johnson you just wasn't sure that you could trust?

         We've got the solution to your problem. Griffin Industries is hiring quality shadowrunners. When you sign one of our contracts, you become legal. That's right, a legal shadowrunner. Griffin Industries sub-contracts "special operations" for a variety of agencies (including the UCAS government) and a number of large corporations.
         Information on our various work contracts available to experienced shadowrunners is listed below.
         For the location of the Griffin office nearest you or for more information, check with your local fixer.

         When you sign a Griffin Special Operations contract, you get a lapel pin with the Griffin logo to identify you as a Griffin employee. Also, each person gets an holopicture identification card with their branch, identification number, and street name on it. This card can be either clipped on to a convenient clothing flap such as a pocket or collar or hung around the neck.
         Game Effects:The game effects given apply normally. GMs should feel free to create exceptions if it suits their campaigns as always. Note that this means that Griffin pays the runners, not the person/organization offering the contract.

Most of the basic details on the contract types offered to shadowrunners given below. For specifics, you can get a copy of the contracts to look at through either your local Shadowland server or the Griffin network.

Special Operations Type A. [Edge cost: 6 pts]

         Makes you an offical employee of the corporation, with all the protections therein. The biggest difference between this type of contract and a normal corporate contract is that this type of contract can be ended at will (mutual consent of both parties, don't take any secrets with you, etc, etc, etc.). Type A contracted employees are the ones in first in line for work, so they get the good jobs, high pay, etc. You are considered "on call" when not actively working on a Griffin subcontracted/sponsored job.
         Routine medical procedures such as checkups are completely covered by your contract simply by presenting your corporate identification. Griffin also covers 10% of non-routine procedures (such as cyber implants) in Griffin affilated or owned facilities. The death and disability bonus (from a work related cause) is 50,000 ¥ payable either to the employee or the employee's next of kin. Free use of Griffin training and schooling facilities or Griffin covers 10% of your tuition for formal or private education.
         Also, all of your working gear is protected by Griffin's corporate status, as long as you are working for Griffin. (i.e. if you're doing a job on your own time, you're not covered).
         Game Effects: A character with an active Griffin Type A Special Operations contract can purchase gear from Griffin with an availability reduction of 50%, rounding up (so that a 9 becomes a 5). Roll the number of dice equal to the appropriate corporate attribute, such as biotechnology for bioware, with the same base time. Also, ignore street index markup.
         Note: Griffin Type A Special Operations contracted employees do not have police records as a general rule. Their record is sealed (like a juvenile file) on their initial signup (and only their initial signup).

Special Operations Type B. [Edge Cost: 3 pts]

         Places you on a contact list. Basically, you're called if you're needed. Yes, you work for Griffin, but basically you're on your own.
         Game Effects: A character with an active Griffin Type B Special Operations contract can purchase gear from Griffin with an availability reduction of 50%, rounding up (so that a 9 becomes a 5). Roll half the number of dice (again rounding down)equal to the appropriate corporate attribute, such as biotechnology for bioware, with the same base time. Reduce street index markup by a half with a minimum of one point. All items with a street index less than one point have no street index multiplier to reflect their availability.

While the question of pay often arises at this point of time. Most type B contracted employees are paid with certified credsticks through their Johnson. Basically having a type B contract amounts to having another Fixer/Johnson to contact.
Type A contracts are paid electronically through a bank account identical to their CIN (Corporate Identification Number). This is the same account that credits you for "aquired" merchandise traded in at the local Griffin office and materials bought the same way.
While both types of contracts have a CIN bank account, the type A contract makes heavier use of it. While most major banks will give out certified credsticks from your Griffin CIN account for a 5 to 10 percent fee on your transaction. Griffin owned banks don't charge you a service fee.



         1) Those in "special ops" (i.e. shadowruns) always have the option of refusing a contract if you think you can't handle it. Also, there's always backup of some sort with any Griffin sponsored or subcontracted "run".
         2) Those who have a business become "affiliated" with Griffin when their owner(s) sign a contract. They can either sell outright (and continue to run their business) or simply fall under the protections of Griffin's megacorp status (and regulations).
A "shadow" business (such as a street clinic) will fall under government regulation upon signing (and will be expected to comply at least when the gov'ts looking).
         3)Everyone that signs a contract gets a corporate identification number. As far as the rest of the world is concerned, that number is all they need. Your information (like registering for a government SIN) is stored in the home office computer and no where else. No one outside Griffin can get access to it so you remain basically anonymous. Your personnel records are a corporate secret.
         For example, medical coverage. All you have to do is give DocWagon your CIN and pay the bill. No worries about fake IDs or anything like that. All they need is that number because all the other info is in Griffin's system.
         4) Your identification number doubles as an account number. You can exchange gear (such as your spare pistol) for equivalent nuyen credit. You can use this credit to purchase gear, guns, or whatever else you need at market price from Griffin. Your account information (like the rest of your corporate information) is stored in the home office computer. Griffin covers all taxes, etc, etc, etc and no specific list of the gear you have is available for public record.
         5) All Special Operations employees are also provided a Legal SIN unless they request otherwise at the time of hire.
         Game Effects: A character with an active Griffin Special Operations contract is considered a corporate employee (and entitled to all protections therein) only when actively on a contract. If a Griffin employed shadowrunner takes a side job (i.e. non-contracted), then he or she is on their own as usual if they get caught.

Steel Lynx

Just about says it all, doesn't it.

It seems that Griffin managed to get most of the corporate research people that went into the shadows. Protection and anonimity appeals to someone raised in a corporate environment.
The Answer Man

Your Griffin CIN and what it means

"Every number has a meaning."
- Lowfyr

         Every employee of Griffin has a Corporate Identification Number (or CIN). Unlike a government issued SIN, this number has only a limited used for identification.
         A Griffin CIN is a ten digit number and only the first digit is used for identification. The breakdown is as follows:
First DigitDepartment/Location
0Home Office/Cincinnati
5Asia/Pacific Ocean
6Africa/Atlantic Ocean
7HTR member/Military

         Note: All Krand Mages are classified as Home Office employees.

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