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The New Seattle Mafia, circa 2061

There's a whole new Family out there; and they're bigger, badder, and nastier than any we've ever seen before. For those of you just joining us, over the space of three days the Seattle Mafia grew roughly five times in size and a brand new Family siezed power.
The wiseguys of this new Family are predominately metahuman (roughly half are orks from the Underground) and include a number of magicians in their ranks. These wiseguys pack the same kind of augmentation that you'd find in the average company man or street samurai so watch yourself.

Timeline of Events

1 May 2057
         Hunt Enterprises, Ltd. is founded by Gregory "Sirius" Hunt.

Late May 2057
         An agreement between the Seattle Ork Underground and the newly formed Hunt Enterprises, Ltd is struck.

14 April 2058
         The marriage of Rowena O'Malley to Gregory "Sirius" Hunt. The Commissione refuses to formally recognize the marriage of one of their Donas to an elf. Gregory Hunt takes on the title of "Signore" to represent his place in the mafia infrastructure.

6 August 2060
         An assassin penetrates the grounds of the Finnigan estate in Downtown Seattle. The assassin reaches the master bedroom before being killed by the Signore. Dona Rowena O'Malley Hunt immediately orders a mobilization of all made men operating under the guise of Hunt Enterprises, Ltd. personnel.

8 August 2060
         Don Vince "Numbers" Ciarniello agrees to testify concerning his part in the assassination of Capo James O'Malley. He is kidnapped that evening by shadowrunners hired by Don Maurice Bigio.

10 August 2060
         Don Ciarniello is rescued by shadowrunners hired by the Signore and delivered to the Finnigan estate early that morning. The Commissione hears the testimony of Don Ciarniello in a matrix meeting. The Commissione, aware of Rowena's not so hidden supplemental forces, appoint Rowena O'Malley Hunt Capa of Seattle. Maurice Bigio is stripped of his position and a termination order is handed down. As the last item on the agenda, the Hunt Family is formed with Rowena as it's head.

11 August 2060
         Vince Ciarnello steps down as Don of the Ciarnello Family.

12 August 2060
         Don Maurice Bigio is found dead at his residence. As Capa, Rowena appoints new Dons over the other three Seattle Families. BTL and similar hardline drug sales are declared "off limits" by the new Capa.

12-14 August 2060
         The three day war. Over the course of three days, predominately metahuman wiseguys with magical backing, of the newly formed Hunt Family, clean out the hardliner elements of the other three Families in a one sided victory.

The Players

The Hunt Family

Capa Rowena O'Malley Hunt
         As the head of the newly formed Hunt Family, Rowena is every bit the mafia queen she had the potential to be during the mob war three years ago. With the death of the man who masterminded her father's assassination, Rowena has settled down into the role of Capa quite completely.
         As the undisputed queen of the Seattle Mafia, and a hand in a number of other cities as well, Rowena has ordered a number of changes and has both the determination and the backing to make it happen. After the events last fall, even Mary Finnigan won't directly confront her and that "devil spawn" (her words, not mine) of a husband.
         Rowena O'Malley is an attractive young woman with an Irish/Mediterranean background. She wears her dark hair collar length in a current fashion and is always dressed in the latest corporate fashion for women. Her upturned nose and smattering of freckles gives her a somewhat impish appearance, but no one thinks her merely "cute" once they get to know the driving, ambitious and forceful personality behind her youthful face.
         Do not be fooled, this woman probably has a good shot at becoming the first Capa Di Tutti Capi in Mafia history. She's strong willed, determined, ambitious, and resourceful enough to pull it off.
         In game terms, Rowena has no significant combat abilities. She has considerable social and legal skills, and should be a Superior negotiator and orator (at least 2 rating points higher than the highest player character). She has the kind of cyberware that would make her a top flight corporate offical or shadow decker, but no offensive or defensive cybersystems. She is protected by all times by an elite group of specially hired bodyguards (not always Mafia) with abilities at least equal to those of the player characters.

Signore Gregory "Sirius" Hunt
         Gregory Hunt declined the position of Capo in favor of his wife's beter experience and abilities. Gregory (or Sirius) was James O'Malley's personal assassin in the early fifties. He also operated as a shadowrunner and as such has shadow contacts sprinkled about Seattle.
         Gregory is a good looking elf of Mediterranean background and is from a mafia family, which if rumor is correct all deceased except himself. He has short brown hair, just above neck length, and intense brown eyes. He's got an honor code that's old school mafia, and has refused shadow jobs that required excessive killing. He's very forceful and driven, and does everything he can to make sure the Rowena gets what she needs.
         Unlike what people would expect, Gregory and Rowena act much like a couple in love (or so my inside sources tell me). They have one child, a year old son named James Hunt, who is named after his grandfather.
         In game terms, Gregory "Sirius" Hunt should be considered Superior with most combat abilities with the exception of pistols, which he should be rated as Superhuman. He has very little in the way of augmentation (and he has simsense vertigo on top of everything else) and they are a synaptic accelerator, mnemonic enhancer, cerebral booster, dietware, and clean metabolism Bioware. He is always armed with a customized Savalette Guardian (matte black in color with a laser sight) and will accompany Rowena on any important social function.

Consiglieri Albert "Uncle Al" Cavalieri
         I'll only note there that he serves the same role in the Hunt Family as he did for Rowena (and her father) in the Finnigan Family. In addition, "Uncle Al" has recently undergone gene therapy to preserve his vitality for years to come. Refer to the Mob War download for more information on this player.

As for the other Families, I'll give very brief information about them as the Mob War download covered these individuals thoroughly.

The Finnigan Family

Don James Michael "Jimmy Mac" Finnigan
         The new head of the Finnigan Family is a bit on the cautious side after the power play pulled by Capa Rowena O'Malley. Because the recent events moved him to the Don of the Finnigian Family, he has paid more attention to the Capa and less to his Great Aunt (much to her annoyance).

Patrick "One Time" Finnigan
         Patrick has been promoted to the position of Consiglieri of the Finnigan Family, where he advises his nephew.

Mary "Grand Dame" Finnigan
         The grand dame of the Finnigan Family has found recent events to be upsetting to the plans she might have been hatching. While the events might have promoted her nephew to the head of the Finnigan Family, it left Rowena and the "demon spawn of Satan" (as she often refers to the Signore) in a much better position of power, something that Mary has always secretry craved.
         Mary has, for the moment anyways, contented herself to advising the new Don of the Finnigan family.

The Bigio Family

Don William Bigio
         With the recent death of Maurice Bigio, his half son has been appointed to take his place. William Bigio is the son of Maurice's old mistress Candace Woodburn. As the only remaining member of the Bigio family, William was appointed head of his Family.
         William looks strongly resemble his father, but he shows the personality traits of his mother rather than his father. To the surprise of a number of people is that William is a follower of the warrior's way or a physical adept. As if that isn't upsetting enough to the hardliners, he also has a waist length ponytail.
         In game terms, William should have a Body and Strength of 6. His combat skills should at least Equal those of the player characters and should be a low to mid grade intiate. He's quickly learning the ins and outs of the Mafia (thanks to some assistance from the Hunt Family) and lacks most of the prejudices most people associate with the Mafia.

Tony "The Chef" Gianelli
         Tony Gianelli remains the Consiglieri of the Bigio family.

The Ciarniello Family

Don Caeser "Chrome" Cianiello
         Since assuming the mantle of Don, Caeser has lost much of the arrogance that he had before. He has taken the rise an fall of Maurice Bigio to heart and has wisened up dramatically. Caeser's attitudes toward most elves haven't changed, however, in spite of a recent (and rather pointed) demonstration by the Signore when the new Don of the Ciarniello Family tried to take him down a notch.
Consiglieri Dan "Fancy Dan" Grizetti
         Much like most of the recent members of the Seattle Mafia, "Fancy Dan" Grizetti hasn't seen much in the way of reorganization. Most of the shuffling, among those who survived anyways, has been at the very top of the pile. It was on this man's advice that Vince went to Rowena.

Game Information

         The information presented here is given to supplement the Mob War senario rather than replace it. While the Mob War plotline was excellent, nothing as of the time of this writing (October 29, 2001) has materialized to resolve the events offered there outside the short synopsis in the New Seattle Sourcebook.

         Running the New Seattle Mafia
         Hunt Enterprises, Ltd. is focused primarily on two areas: finance and security. Many of the Hunt made men (and women) remain employed by Hunt Enterprises, Ltd.
         Roughly half the security specialists are from the Ork Underground and a large percentage of of the remaining personnel are from Z-zones, sometimes recruited from gangs. These individuals are offered a security contract for a number of years equal to the value of the cyberware they have installed divided by 20,000. As such, this makes the average Made Man on a 20 year contract.
         For a player character wanting to go this route, it should be treated as a Day Job 3 flaw with a Low Lifestyle, as the difference goes to pay for their cyberware. Those employed by Hunt Enterprises, Ltd as security specialists will aquire a normal Day Job 3 flaw.
         To convert the archtype below into metahuman, simply add the racially specific modifiers (see p. 56, SR3) to the numbers given. Also, refer to the Shadowrun Companion Sourcebook for more information concerning Mafia campaigns.

         Hunt Family Made Man
Body: 5 (7)
Quickness: 5
Strength: 5
Charisma: 4
Intelligence: 4
Willpower: 4
Essence: 2.24
Reaction: 4

Initiative: 8 + 3d6
Combat Pool: 6
Karma Pool/Professional Rating: 3/3
Active Skills: Athletics 3, Car 4, Clubs 5, Etiquette 3 (Mafia 4, Street 5), Interrogation 4, Intimidation 4, Negotiation 4, Pistols 4 (Savalette Guardian 7), Shotguns 5, Stealth 3

Martial Arts Techniques: Blind Fighting, Whirling
Knowledge Skills: Area Knowledge 4, Local Politics 2, Rumor Mill 3, Security Procedures 2, Smuggling Routes 2, Underworld Finance 3, Underworld Politics 3
Cyberware (Alpha): Dermal Sheath 1, Flare Compensation, Smartgun Link, Sound Dampener, Wired Reflexes 2 with Trigger
Gear: Half Body Form Fit (3/1), Lined Coat (4/2), Savelette Guardian Heavy Pistol, Extendable Baton, SPAS-22 Shotgun

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