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High Threat Response Team Member

Quote: "We're the guys that get called in when a situation goes bad. We're the best at what we do and the bad guys know it."

Body: 5 (10)
Quickness: 5
Strength: 4
Charisma: 4
Intelligence: 5
Willpower: 4

Reaction: 5 (6)
Initative: 6 + 3d6
Essence: 3.52
Body Index: 2.2

Karma: 3
Combat: 7

Active Skills
Athletics: 5
Etiquette: 4
Hardsuit Weapondry: 4
Heavy Weapons: 5
Pistols: 4
Shotguns: 6
Unarmed Combat: 4

Knowledge Skills
English (R/W): 5 (2)
Gambling Card Games: 5
Megacorporate Politics: 4
Security Procedures: 5
Small Unit Tactics: 6
Wilderness Survival: 4

Dermal Sheath 3 (alpha)
Kevlar Bone Lacing (alpha)

Synaptic Accelerator 2
Enhanced Articulation
Metabolic Arrestor

Typical Gear
Type H "Hellcat" Hardsuit
Griffin Penetrator
Griffin Juggernaut with AV rounds.

Note: A typical High Threat Response Team squad is composed of one Krand Mage and 5 High Threat Response Team Members. Transport is normally by Wyvern Assault Helicopter unless situation demands entry by ground transport.

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