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A Guide to the Cincinnati Metroplex

>>These are my shadows, chummer. You want to work here, you deal with me.

Facts at a Glance

Population: 4.8 milllion (2259.23 persons/square mile)

Average Life Expectancy: 47.5 to 112.0 years, depending on income.
Per Capita Income: 33, 760
Population Below the Poverty Line: 18.7%
On Fortune's Active Trader List: 1.1%
Megacorporate Affiliation: 65%
Annual Crime Rate: 5.7 felonies/100 inhabitants




Cost of Living:

Criminal Fines and Punishments
(A)Small Blade/--/--/500/1000 - 3mo/2000 - 1yr
(B)Large Blade/100/500/1000/2000 - 6 mo/8000 - 18 mo
(C)Blunt Weapon/--/--/500/1000 - 6 mo/3000 - 18 mo
(D)Projectile/--/--/500/2000 - 6 mo/5000 - 18 mo
(E)Pistol/--/1000/3000/6000 - 1yr/12000 - 5yrs
(F)Rifle/1000/2000/5000/12000 - 18 mo/30000 - 5 yrs
(G)Automatic Weapon/15000/30000/50000 & 1yr/100000 & 5 yrs/100000 & 10 yrs
(H)Heavy Weapon/25000 & 2 yrs/50000 & 3 yrs/100000 & 5 yrs/100000 & 10 yrs/100000 & 20 yrs
(I)Explosives/--/5000/10000 & 2yrs/100000 & 10 yrs/100000 & 20 yrs
(J)Military Weapon/10000 & 1 yr/20000 & 2 yrs/40000 & 5 yrs/100000 & 10 yrs/100000 & 20 yrs
(K)Military Armor/5000/SAJ/SAJ/SAJ/SAJ
(L)Military Ammunition/5000/SAJ/SAJ/SAJ/SAJ
(M)Controlled Substances/500/2000/SAJ/SAJ/SAJ
(CA)Class A Cyberware/5000/SAJ/SAJ/SAJ/SAJ
(CB)Class B Cyberware/5000/SAJ/SAJ/SAJ/SAJ
(CC)Class C Cyberware/10000/SAJ/SAJ/SAJ/SAJ
(CD)Class D Matrix Technology/10000/SAJ/SAJ/SAJ/SAJ

>>Permits run about book price, but they're easier to get here than just about anywhere else in the world.


By Plane

Travel by plane into and out of the plex is rather good. The Greater Cincinnati Airport is a high traffic airport with a high safety rating. There is also Lunken Airport which is equally big and his just as high of a safety rating. And there are also numerous smaller airports scattered around the city and it makes air travel a great way to come into the city or move around it.

By Car

Travel in and around the plex is also a good choice. The roads are all well maintained and in excellent shape. However, construction delays tend to be a problem except near the Indian Hill Secure Zone and down around the home office of Griffin Industries. The only other problem with traveling by car is on the sections of interstate that border the Government Assisted Zone, even with those thirty foot high walls all around it's borders, the occupants occasionally take pot shots at passing vehicles when traveling its borders at night. Also, being caught on the wall is an automatic 2 year prison sentence, so watch your back around there. The average speed limit on the expressways is 80 mph, dropping to 60 mph in the I275 loop.

By Train

Travel by train into and around the city is pretty much a negative. There is really no passenger travel directed through the city at all, though there is a small amount, mostly between Detroit and Cincinnati. As a general rule, there are only two or so passenger trains coming into the plex every day.

By Subway

With the completion of the subway in 2015, subway travel becomes the number two choice of ground travel, and tends to be the most reliable method of travel for the average person. There are stations about every other street dowtown, mainly going east to west, so a subway station is usually just around the bend. The subway also has one large terminal at the edge of the Government Assisted Zone and another, better maintained station also serves the Indian Hill Secure Zone, but you need a pass to get off at that station.

Local Color

The Cincinnati Metroplex is probably one of the most stable cities in the UCAS and suffered the least from the rioting that occured after the assassination of President Dunkelzahn. The big three in town are Griffin Industries, Saeder-Krupp Heavy Industries, and Ares Macrotechnology. Security and Police services are usually handled by Knight Errant but don't be surprised if S-K or Griffin personnel show up as well.

The Government Assistance Zone. This area is nothing more than a walled in city of projects, and strongly resembles the Barrens in Seattle. There are only a few shops scattered around and the North Gate Crime Mall within the heavily guarded walls. The few patrols that you do see in G.A.Z. will be equipped with mil grade. These are storm troopers, so don't mess with them, they won't take any drek from anyone. The local gangs are a prominent force in this area, and gang wars are a constant.

Rumors. This local nightclub is the runner's hot spot. Here the big boys come to play and relax. It's not unusual to see Griffin's elite runner teams hanging out here. A meet here is big news, and Rumors also serves as the testing ground for runners that Griffin is interested in.

Mount Airy Forest. The forest was extended around 2008 to encompass a large block of land from the old western border to the edge of the Spring Grove Cemetary on the east. This is a large natural forest, one of the gems of the entire city.

Cincinnati Technical College. This is the only large public college in the plex, the sole survivor of the tuition wars of 2023. The campus covers just about a square mile and the main building is approximately 45 stories high. The academia includes both magical and technical studies, and often serves as a mini-community for the students and faculty.

Good Samaritan Doc Wagon. This is the main provider of medical treatment in the plex. If you get hurt and have a contract, you'll probably end up here.

Little Italy. This occupies part of the western side of the plex, and is the home of several mafia families. So far, Knight Errant has been unable to root them out, and Griffin has shown no real interest in trying.

The Cincinnati Metroplex Penitentiary. This large structure is about 60 stories high with an additional 23 or more stories below ground, occupying approximately a square mile of ground space. The population fluxuates somewhat, remaining somewhere between half and two-thirds full.

Little Tokyo. This area is to the east of Little Italy, much to the annoyance of the mafia families in Little Italy. The Yakuza in the area maintain a fairly low profile, mainly because of Griffin Industries dislike of the Japanese Megacorps tends to tranfer over to the Yakuza.

The Indian Hill Secure Zone. This is another walled in section, but to keep people out rather than in. The power brokers and most of the movers and shakers (including the head of Griffin Industries) live in this area. Entry is next to impossible without an invite.

Griffin Industries Home Office. Located on the junction of the White Water and Little Miami Rivers, this fortress compound serves as the home office of Griffin Industries. The security is among the tightest in the world, packing the latest in military hardware, and security will often shoot first and ask questions later. The computer system is rated at a Red 14, and is rumored to include an AI program. Entry is impossible unless you work for the corporation or are invited.

The Cincinnati Metroplex Timeline

2001 - The Court ruling of Nuclear Regulatory Commision versus Shiavase Corporation firmly establishes the principle of corporate extraterritoriality.
2010 - VITAS-1 plague breaks out, killing a significant portion of the world's population.
2011 - The first births of elf and dwarf children herald the reappearance of magic. The Sixth Age begins.
2021 - The first goblinization of the Ork and Troll races.
2022 - Race riots erupt, heralding the birth of the Government Assistance Zone.
2023 - U.S. Supreme Court grants metahuman races equal protection under law. VITAS-2 strikes. Cincinnati Technical College wins the tuition wars.
2025 - C.T.C. follows in the footsteps of U.C.L.A. by establishing it's own undergraduate courses in magical studies. G.A.Z. is completed and active patrols are reduced once the workers leave.
2029 - Fuchi unveils the first truely portable cyberterminal followed shortly thereafter by the crash of the old global computer network. Rioting breaks out over the lack of water and shortages of other systems including electricity and phones. The Governor calls in the National Guard to put down the rioting. The 324th is stationed near the plex.
2030 - U.C.A.S. is formed
2034 - C.A.S. is formed.
2039 - The Night of Rage. Over 20 percent of G.A.Z. is burned in the rioting.
2042 - Restoration of G.A.Z. from the damage caused by the Night of Rage is finally completed.
2043 - A serial killer kills 13 women over 13 weeks in G.A.Z.
2050 - Griffin Industries is founded and the home office complex is completed.
2051 - The Krand school of magic is founded by Griffin Industries. Most of their students come from the ranks of those normally unable to get formal schooling in magical arts.
2054 - A brief corporate war between Fuchi and Griffin breaks out. Fuchi comes out on the losing end. Griffin Industries, backed by Saeder-Krupp Heavy Industries and Ares Macrotechnology, asks corporate court for compensation from Fuchi. Fuchi is forced by corporate court to surrender most of their Cincinnati assets as part of the settlement. This is the first time a megacorp has been forced to provide compensation to a lower rated corporation.
2055 - A horde of insect spirits appear in Chicago. Firewatch Two detonates a tactical nuke at the main hive, sending most of the spirits there into hibernation. The Containment Zone is established.
2056 - Another brief skirmish between Fuchi and Griffin breaks out. Fuchi again is the loser.
2058 - The election and assassination of President Dunkelzahn. Rioting is almost nil because Griffin Industries puts it's security and military assets on the streets to keep order.
2060 - Griffin Industries is recognized as a AAA megacorp and reveal some startling breakthroughs around the same time.