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CB Radio Links

Cat and Mouse is a transmitter hunting game. It looks really fun. Try it. This page will give you the basics of the game.
How to buy a CB Radio is an interesting site.
CB Realated stuff by Jason Hill.
Coaxkids Left Coast CB Radio and Amatuer sales and service.
The CB Radio Operators Web Ring.
DTB Radio is a CB and Ham site.
The Wolfpack's Website
The Dew-Drop Inn's Emergency Information Booth
Ohio Citizens CB website.
United States Citizen Band Operators Association: CB Radio Operators Voice in Washington. Sort of like the ARRL.
Uncle Jim's CB Radio Page. A really cool fun page.
Mudpuppy's CB Radio Page. A fun and informative Site.
Internet CB Radio I kid you not. Someone actually was able to hook up a CB Radio to the net and give it transmit and recive capablity's. Pretty cool!
Tomcats CB Radio Page