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Keeper of the Falcons

Copyright 1999 BellaAngel. All rights reserved.
Image "Princess" Copyright Jonathon Bowser used by permission of author.
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Keeper of the Falcons

Lady Lillian walks across the bridge that spans the streaming waters that flow from the mountains above. The clear, crisp, cool waters from the last snows of winter, melting and feeding the waterfall, runs pooling and spilling down the mountainside. She walks in silent contemplation as the wind blows across the cool water, rustling the brocade of her skirt and tossing her hair about her face. Lilli's fair complexion had taken on the slight rosy color of a fresh pink rose, and her lips were faintly scarlet, complimenting the color of her cheeks. Her mind runs to thoughts of the ruggedly handsome mountain man who appeared each evening during this season each year! He was such a strong, but silent man. A dreamy look crosses her face as she thinks of what his strong arms must feel like wrapped around her waist. She shivers and continues on walking her usual evening stroll, hoping to see her gentle giant of a man. Not really hers, she thinks to herself, but she was willing to allow herself the frivolous pleasure of her dreams. Would she finally get the opportunity to meet him one day and truly feel the pleasure of his strong embrace?

Just as Lilli reaches the end of the bridge, she catches a slight movement from the corner of her eye, and appearing in front of her, walking, and engrossed in his own thought, is the man she has been daydreaming of. She blushes from slight embarrassment, as if he had read her thoughts, as he raises his eyes and meets Lilli's, his surprise at meeting her was apparent in his face. Lilli's manner of dress and poise told him she was a Lady and he blushed, stepping aside for her Ladyship to pass. This was her chance to speak and she knew in her heart that she may never get the chance to introduce herself to him again, so she spoke. "I am Lady Lillian Moucheaux, I see you traversing my mountain daily, and I decided it was time we met." Extending her hand to him in greeting, he takes her small hand in his rather large one and kisses it lightly. "I am Maloric Tasselman, M'lady and I to see thee walk this path often, but in the past have waited to allow thee to pass freely." Briefly pausing, then as if in thought, he chuckles to himself and continues, "Thou hast always seemed in such pleasant thoughts that I did not want to disturb them and the looks these thoughts bring to thy face only serve to enhance thy beauty. I made not my presence known in fear of interrupting them."

Lilli's thoughts bring a smile to her lips, "This man was not only handsome and strong, but considerate as well." If only he knew what he did to her senses, her thoughts were constantly turning to him. She giggles softly, shyly and blushes, once again feeling as if he could read her thoughts. "I see thee moving up and down my mountain, but I have never understood what was so urgent that thou must travel them, year after year. I do not wish to be rude . . . " she pauses, and as she is about to continue speaking, Maloric rushes to breech the silence. "M'lady, yearly I must tend the falcons who are severely injured and bring them to the safety of the Northern Peak's ridges and see that they are kept safe and warm from the weather of the last fallen snow, until their injuries have healed. I am the one they call the 'Keeper of the Falcons' and they serve me well. But alas, the snows have melted and I come this one last time to bid them farewell until the next season arrives." Then noticing he was rambling on, Maloric lightly blushes and stands silent. Lillian grins and says, "Why, thank thee for such an in depth recount of your yearly excursions through my mountain passes," as she stifles the laughter that threatens to erupt from her bosom.

Lilli smiles, "Now...," she pauses, and looks deeply into his eyes, "What would a man such as yourself eat for dinner when his long trek to the mountain ridges is over?" Smiling playfully at Lady Lillian, Maloric says, "Why M'Lady, I usually eat a warm porridge and berries with a flagon of Ale. Why dost thou ask?" Lilli straightens and says "I would be honored if Thou would join me in a hot evening meal, when ..." her voice dies and she hesitates and upon her hesitation, he inquires, "When...???" "When we return from the mountain's ridge." Lilli looks intently into his face, determination radiating from her eyes, and challenging him to tell her no. Maloric searched his heart and mind for the decision that would be proper, but Lady Lillian wasn't looking for proper at this moment he realizes, and smiles. "I would love joining you when ...WE... return, M'Lady Lillian," he grinned mockingly.

Lady Lillian's heart begins beating faster in her breast, finally, she would traverse her mountain through his eyes and by his side. Just being around Maloric quickened her pulse greatly, she felt his spirit as if it were palpable, as if she could feel it touching her. Moving along side Lillian and slowly, gently placing his large gentle hand on her back at the waist, urges her forward. "Then we must get going if we are to make it back by dark," he states matter of factly. Energy surges through her body with the touch of his hand and she briefly shuts her eyes and moves forward, and looking up at the sky replies, "Aye, we must indeed."

As the two climb upward, discussing the beauty of the mountain and the abundance of wildlife on the mountain, Lillian's heart grew fonder of Maloric with each story and every step. Finally reaching the ridge, he opens his sack and gently removes bandaging to mend the wing of the beautiful falcon that lays grounded at their feet, Lillian's face softens, his tenderness increasing her heartbeat and stroking her senses once again. This time Maloric caught her eyes gazing tenderly, longingly upon him and he stops to stand in front of her, smiles teasingly and says, "And now we head back to the meal awaiting us." and raising an eyebrow, chuckles lowly. He was not confident in his assessment of her feelings before, but now, he felt he knew what was destine to be before this evening was to end.

Coaxing her onward, Lillian follows. Walking down from the ridge to the next, Maloric stops her and softly puts his finger to her lips and says shhh, and bends to pluck a wild orchid and place it in her hair. "A wild rare beauty, for an even wilder, rarer beauty." Her heart skips a beat and she breathes in quickly, deeply. In the next moment in time his lips rested on hers in a kiss of gentle, hungry desire. Lillian goes with the feelings surging through her body, like fingers awakening a ravenous longing desire, one to a degree of which no one had ever awakened in her before. Maloric whispers her name, "Lillian..." between nibbling her lower lip and kissing her fully, urgently. Lillian moans a low, aching moan, leaning into his chest and dropping her head back to fully receive the sweet, blissful feeling of his hungry kiss.

What Lillian had longed for was finally coming to be. She couldn't figure out why, but the connection she felt with this man was strong. She felt she could trust him implicitly. Maloric stands back slightly, delving deeply into her eyes, searching her soul. Yes his suspicions were right, she was the wildcat in some lady's disguise than what he had thought she was. Lillian's eyes narrowed to seductive slits of desire, their passion licking out and calling him to her. Her lips were slightly parted and wet and sensual smile crosses her lips, as she walks slowly toward him, as a cat to her prey. She wanted him, and she meant to have him. Lilli lost all care of her ladylike image, for she knew he had seen that she could indeed be a proper lady. The heat that welled within her body convinced her to remove the cape that was draped over her shoulders. Not allowing her eyes to leave his, Lillian slowly allows the cape to move down her arms and fall to the ground, revealing the tight bodice of her dress, the chemise barely covering the ample, full, heaving breasts that threatening to free themselves from their bindings. It was Maloric's call, as he saw it, to free her spirit, to free her soul. He kneels before her and brings his face to rest in her bosom, hugging her tightly to him. He could stand it no longer and reaches up to urgently fondle her breasts, nipples springing to life under his hands. She breathes out short hard breaths, the seductively erotic tensions where too strong for her to stand, yet she wanted them to go on forever.

Running her fingers like insistent claws through his long curly hair, Lillian breathlessly calls his name, "Maloric. My heart, my soul." The words escaping her throat as a cry of need for him to understand her aching, undeniable desire for him. Maloric's breathes quickened and became ragged as he lifts her and lays her atop him, hugging and kissing, hands roaming over her body hungrily. His passion consuming him, he impatiently pulls the clothing from her body and she wildly removes his, the last piece of matter standing between them. They lay bare, flesh to flesh burning and straining against their bodies to be one, yet allowing the taunting to go on for a while longer they revel in the wildly intimate explorations of each other's bodies. It was a sensual exploration, Lillian kisses his ear lobe moving down his neck to his shoulder and bites kisses outlining his collarbone, ending it with a wet kiss at the base of his throat. Returning her lips to his, Maloric lifts Lillian's hips and sets her slowly, gently on top of his fully erect manhood. Her warm wetness made him moan with pleasure, and she began to move sensually on his stiffness that so totally filled her, slowly at first then increasing the pace to match his. Maloric pulls her lips hungrily to his as the fever builds and erupts into flaming hot passion, the silence of the mountain is broken as their climaxing screams flood the air.

Sitting and touching each other softly and in adoration, Lilli chuckles and says "I know our meal is waiting on us, shall we get back, clean up and eat?" In reply, Maloric says, "I hesitate to ever leave this mountain now, for fear that this dream will end, never to happen again." Lillian smiles and says, "Come my love, Our souls have rapturously touched and shall never be far apart again." Lilli stands, and holds her hand to Maloric, he takes her hand and in one motion rises, her clothes in his hand. He aids her in redressing, then bends and retrieves his own clothing to dress quickly. Carrying on light jovial conversation, as if they had known one another all of their lives, the two continue their journey back down the mountain. Soon, Lilli sees the smoke of the cooking quarters rising in the air and the smell of the wonderful feast, filling their nostrils, they quicken their pace.

Entering the manor from the back, Lillian and Maloric quickly and quietly move to her chambers. The basin was full of water for freshening, and they gently, adoringly cleansed each other's bodies. Then reaching in the chest at the end of her bed, Lillian brings forth a set of very nice clothes for Maloric to change into. She had, had to purchase a larger size, for father had gained more weight before the tailor had finished making them, she explained. They were to be a present for him. Maloric smiled and took them from her and tried them on. Surprisingly they fit perfectly. Then admiring her choice of clothing with his eyes, Maloric extends his arm to Lillian, and taking his arm, she directs him to their dining area. When they were seated at the table, candles lit, wine poured in goblets, roast on the table, Maloric says, raising his goblet in a toast, "To this magical evening and to this wonderful meal, but most of all to my soulmate...M'Lady Lillian." "And" she adds, "To MY soulmate, my love Maloric, who has been everything a waking dream could be and more." "My father will meet you in the morrow, for I feel you will agree, that we are tired from our rigorous journey, she smiles lovingly into his eyes." "Oh indeed!" Maloric chuckles. "I have made sleeping quarters available for you this night M'Love, and just we shall dine this evening, for it is quite late. We shall save your introduction to father for tomorrow when the sun is in the mid-sky." "Now, eat my love, I am sure, thou art famished, as am I, from our vigorous lovemaking this day." Giggling, she smiles and feeds him a bite.


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