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My homepage, aside from the part you're on now, is basicaly just the usual junk about people that folks feel compelled to put up on their homepages. It seems like a lot of homepages are just an extention of people's "am I on TV?! HI MOM!!!" mentality which technology has writ large. And cow that I am, I didn't feel the need to go too far from the herd. (incidentaly, why are there so many computer organizations symbolized by cows? TUCOWS, Gateway, cult of the dead cow? Anyway, I made my homepage a while ago before I knew anything about web design. The background for the first page is pretty bad, but I made it myself in Photoshop so I just had to put it up. It was just one of those compulsive acts of individuality which modern medicine will probably oneday medicate as readily as 'attention deficit disorder'
Anyway, I've insulted myself enough for one day.
Hope you enjoy
Ryan W.

--- update---

Having software problems? More problems than you'd expect
are caused by software conflicts and other bugs. 

I'm trying to design a page to help people with their

Check out  http://www.angelfire.com/oh/wiserd/bugs.html 
and tell me what you think. 

--- update; 
I've found a few computer information pages that have been really useful to me. This is not some sales pitch, nor do I recieve, gifts, sponsorship or affection of any type for listing them here.
Though in his infinite coolness the author of www.mac.org
has posted a link to my page.

The pages are;



and of course www.mac.org

If you're looking for PC warez theres a decent place (freestuffz) that I'll be putting up on my startpage or if you're interested in mac warez/hacking you can either try the whacked mac archives or search for them using a specialty search engine on www.searchenginewatch.com

If you have any feedback or any useful pages you think I should post, drop me a note. Sorry I haven't had time to re-arrange the layout of this page yet. Still waiting till I can buy a second computer to practice linux on, and meanwhile working to afford it. You know it's gotten bad when you start calculating how many megabytes of RAM you earn per hour. --geek love to you all. ;p

Ryan W. Founder of the Geek pride movement.
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Email: wiserd@muc.muohio.edu

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