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The vessels are:



Owakan and Apathy Denied came together and formed my Vessel........

Vessel is an extremely hard, rap-core band from Youngstown Ohio mainly. Vessel is the musical collaboration of hardcore, metalcore, and rap. The music is loud and has an intense groove to it. The influences of the individual members stem from old school hardcore to soft alternative. We are eclectic in our musical tastes, we generally don't stick to one genre of music to often. We really dig ska like FIF and the Supertones. That is just for when we vent the comedical side of us.

The band Owaken consisted of T, Dre, Brian and oour drummer Jason. We were used by God for a short while, but God definately left His mark in other peoples lives as well as our own. We sounded like POD, EDL, Rage, and somewhat like unashamed at times. We were priviledged enoughto play out with POD, Zao, Disciple, and Insyderz. We were also scheduled to play a number of show in the summer of 97' before God told it was time to stop. We were slowly, but steadily gaining exposure and creating a small fan base. Then God let us go our different ways. T, and dre stayed out of music as Brian expiremented as a second guitar plyer for a local group called Severance. As Brian was still part of Severance, Dre prayed. He prayed even though he was a struggling christian that God would still use him in the music feild. God one day answered that prayer. He sent a man from the remnants of of a semi-successful hardcore band called Apathy Denied to the work place of Brian. This guy was looking for a bass player, a vocalist, and another guitar player. He asked us if we'd at least jam with him and his drummer to see if things would gel. Two weeks later we named ourselves Vessel and we wanted God to take this ministy and use it 100% for His glory. In Owaken people got saved and lives got changed, but in Vessel we want the world to be changed and the world to be saved. All we can do is just humbly serve God and he will do the rest.


Vessel is actually a unique blend of metalcore, rapcore, and hardcore. We don't like to be categorized or compared, but to give you an idea about us. a friend once said that we are like Living Sacrifice(the new stuff), and EDL jammed together and packed full of peanuts. Brian said," We sound like a psycotic ballet!" Well, not really, but close!Nice try Brian Please pray for Brian! He is strange. Here look for yourself!

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