Turkish Angora Related Links

Here are some links to other sites on the web that relate to Turkish Angoras.
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Turkish Angora Breeders - U.S.A.

Bastra Turkish Angoras in Michigan
Bizans Turkish Angoras in Washington DC area
Featherland Turkish Angoras and Persians in California
Folie a Deux in Boston area
Grimoire Turkish Angoras in Florida
KatsNjazz Turkish Angoras in California
Kica Turkish Angoras in Ohio

Remembering a good friend:

KitnHevn Turkish Angoras in Florida

Turkish Angoras across the big pond!

Hosca Kal Cattery in Germany
Tansdale Cattery in the United Kingdom
Jamlauracats Cattery in the United Kingdom
Anderwelt Cattery in Germany
Winte'Sams Cattery in Sweden
Dschadis Cattery in Germany
Antalya Perl Cattery in France
Kedi ala Turka Cattery in Germany
Talih Cattery in Germany

Turkish Angora Organizations and Services

The Turkish Cat Society (UK)
T.A.B.U. - Turkish Angora Breeder's Union (USA)
Ankara Kedi (Denmark)
Vangoran Club (Sweden)
Nortyrk Club (Norway)
Turkish Angora Linechasers (pedigrees)
Ankara Zoo
Turkish Angora Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy Awareness
Turkish Angora Health
Vaccine Associated Sarcoma Awareness

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