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Antioch Cattery is pleased
to offer our kittens to loving indoor homes!

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Please Note: We do not "sell our cats and kittens on the internet".

This website is just a point of contact. All sales are done by
personal and telephone contact, and we are quite concerned that our kittens go to excellent
homes where they will be loved and treated with the utmost respect as fellow living creatures.
The internet is just an advertising medium to get the process started - these are my babies!

Sunbriar Chablis of Antioch.

Chablis has three little Thanksgiving babies... we call them our "Turkey Day Turkies". They have opened their eyes, and are fat and healthy. Proud Papa is Antioch Catman Dude, or just Dude for short. It is possible that there will only be one kitten sold as a pet from this litter, and we have many people waiting! We are currently waiting to see if Nessie and Phoebe may be expecting. Both girls had a "date" with Zarafet Trillium, known at home as Robin. We will update this page when we see signs of expecting momcats!

In the meanwhile, if you have been on our waiting list a long time, please call me and I will give referrals to other breeders with kittens planned or on the way.

Photo copyrights by Kit Goodwin. Photos may not be used without written permission.

Bastra Zerrin of Bizans.

A "slow landslide" has caused our friend Sue to evacuate her house. We are caring for some of Sue's cats until the county can repair the slope and ensure that residents will be able to stay in their homes. As a result, we have some adoptable adults from this situation. Please also visit our Adoptable Adults, or contact Kit directly to hear about these wonderful furry friends!

Photo copyrights by Kit Goodwin. Photos may not be used without written permission.

If you're interested in us,
click the mailbox to e-mail our MOM!

As you view photos of Turkish Angora kittens, remember that the
Turkish Angora coat is slow to develop. Most Turkish Angora kittens
appear to be almost short-haired. Their full coat is not usually
reached until two or even three years of age. Also remember that
the Turkish Angora cat's coat is low maintenance, compared to other
longhaired breeds

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