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"The Skye Boat Song"

GP Tameral Marduk of Silverlock (Bunny's father)

The success of CH Kedi Satin and Lace of Antioch, DM, in producing five grands, relies heavily on the fact that Iris Tanner, owner of Dukkie (above), allowed me to have his stud service to produce GC Antioch Oh Be Joyful!   Iris then repeated the breeding under her own cattery name, which produced two more grands.

Finally, Iris sold me Silverlock Polaris of Antioch, who produced the final two grands needed for Satin's award.

Iris taught me many things about showing cats. Although I did not get my start from her, she did mentor me during my early years with Turkish Angoras, and we have been good friends over the years. Iris owns Silverlock Russian Blues and Turkish Angoras, and has won many awards as well as participating in the CFA judging program.

Grand Premier Silverlock's Bunthorne, photos (copyright) by Carl Widmer.

Iris and I celebrated on the day that Bunny granded. Here we are with Jimmy Thompson, CFA judge, who gave Bunny the final that made him a grand.

...And then we retired back to our benching area where I opened some bubbly, while Iris hung the "Grand Premier" sign on Bunny's cage!

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Last update: February 2, 2008