Antioch Turkish Angoras

Our Guys!

Please meet Feistyfangs Sunshine n Whiskey. "Sunny" is a youngster now, and loves romping around the house in intense play. We look forward to seeing the beauty and the personality of his offspring! Thanks to Mary Hart for trusting us with this little boy!

RW, SGC Antioch Tulum Peyniri is our sweet and gentle white boy. He is the son of Trillium, our past studcat. Cheddar, as we affectionately call him, is a very calm and easy-going fellow, full of love and sweetness. He won't be a father more than once or twice, then we hope to neuter and show him again.

Antioch Biricik is Nessie's son, and will also be a short-time father. Jake, as he is known to his friends, was an only kitten last year. He and Sunny are best buddies, romping around the house like young hooligans.

From the far off land of Bulgaria, comes Freddie Mercury. "Freddie's" two generation pedigree is very rare because all of his grandparents originate in the land of our breed origin -- Turkey. "Freddie" is a very energetic and sweet fellow, who gets along well with the other boys. We are eagerly awaiting his first litter, which is still just a twinkle in his eye!

We want to thank Sue Ann Howland for co-owning this wonderful boy and his unique potential!

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