Antioch Turkish Angoras

Our Guys!

Please meet Sunbriar Windsong of Antioch, whose pedigree combines Kica, Antioch, and Azima lines. His father is Byron. "Breezy" loves romping around the house in intense play. He has already sired ten kittens and has done himself proud in both the beauty and the personality of his offspring!

We want to thank Kathy Stokey-Graves for allowing us to have this wonderful boy as part of our shared work with these unique cats!

Zarafet Trillium has joined our feline family. One can get lost in his deep blue eyes, mesmerized by his very luxurious coat, and by his sweet and loving attention - hound personality. Trillium's family background includes Von Imp cattery in New Zealand, a Turkish import cat, and of course Zarafet lines. Last year he produced his first litter with Chablis. We hope he will continue to wow us with lovely kittens.

Antioch Catman Dude is Breezy's son, and his mother is Epiphany, a black smoke girl from the oldest Antioch family lines. "Dude" is sweet and playful, with an intensity that reflects his father's traits. Dude is a father for the first time, and we are awaiting his first litter with excitement!

From the far off land of Bulgaria, comes Freddy Mercury. "Freddy's" two generation pedigree is very rare because all of his grandparents originate in the land of our breed origin -- Turkey. "Freddy" is a very energetic and sweet teenager, who gets along well with the other boys. We are eagerly awaiting his first litter, which is still just a twinkle in his eye!

We want to thank Sue Ann Howland for co-owning this wonderful boy and his unique potential!

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