Antioch Turkish Angoras

Our Guys!

Antioch Biricik is Nessie's son, and in her absence, will have big shoes to fill
in our breeding program. Jake, as he is known affectionately, loves lounging around
the house and getting belly rubs.

Ayran, also known as Ronnie, is the son of Phoebe. His father is from an old line
that is in the distant past in our Turkish Angora families - his father was 12 years old
when he produced Ayran. Ronnie is sweet and affectionate, but gets too excited
with the girls! We are still awaiting his first litter, which is still just a twinkle
in his eye!

Gus is another son of Nessie. He is our sweet and gentle boy, still running
the house at-large. He is the son of Beau, our past studcat. Young Gus is gentle
with girls, and seems to want to be discreet about his romances!

Jamon Jamon is our newest boy. He traveled a long way to be here - he
left his home in Spain in late December 2019 and flew with our friend Sue,
to Ohio. He has a very rare pedigree, but very nice appearance and
demeanor. His grandfather is an import from Turkey, which excites us
very much. He lives in the bedroom where my mother stayed, and has two
windows overlooking several bird feeders.

A mi amigo Alex, muchas gracias por confiarme tu dulce y elegante chico!

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