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Model Horses  

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Breyer Horse for sale:

If I have any models for sale, they are probably on Ebay... click here to see my auctions!

Breyer Horses that I want: (I know... it's a long list!) I AM NOT BUYING ANY MODELS AT THIS TIME - THANK YOU!

#32 Fighting Stallion in glossy gray appaloosa
#34 Fighting Stallion in glossy charcoal *I got this one!*
#36 Derby Winner Race Horse in glossy chestnut *I got this one!*
#51 Five Gaiter in glossy alabaster
#53 Five Gaiter in glossy palomino *I got this one!*
#82 Clydesdale Stallion in glossy dapple gray*I got this one!*
#85 Mustang in glossy alabaster
#86 Mustang in glossy gray appaloosa
#88 Mustang in glossy charcoal*I got this one!*
#119 Running Mare in matte red roan
#125 Running Stallion in matte alabaster
#128 Running Stallion in matte red roan
#142 Grazing Mare in matte black
#152 Grazing Foal in matte black
#169 Scratching Foal in matte liver chestnut
#170 Scratching Foal in matte red roan
#174 Indian Pony in dark bay appaloosa *I got this one!*
#176 Indian Pony in matte buckskin*I got this one!*
#177 Indian Pony in matte alabaster
#201 Family Arabian Stallion in glossy charcoal *I got this one!*
#202 Family Arabian Mare in glossy charcoal *I got this one!*
#209 Pegasus *I got this one!*
#804 Proud Arabian Stallion in dapple rose gray
#907 Family Arabian Stallion in woodgrain *I got this one!*
#908 Family Arabian Mare in woodgrain*I got this one!*
#920 Running Mare in woodgrain (no lamp ones please)
#930 Running Foal in woodgrain (no lamp ones please)
#936 Race Horse in woodgrain
#951 Five Gaiter in woodgrain
#3234 "Lady Jane Grey," from A Pony for Keeps gift set (Merrylegs mold in alabaster)*I got this one!*

SR 1982 Running Mare in matte palomino (Montgomery Wards)
SR 1983 Foundation Stallion in palomino (Montgomery Wards)
SR 1983-84 Lady Phase in matte buckskin (JC Penney) *I got this one!*
SR 1985 Any Riegseckers Shires (bay, black, smoke, and palomino)
SR 1987 Indian Pony in matte bay (Black Horse Ranch)
SR 1987 Indian Pony in matte dapple gray (Black Horse Ranch)
SR 1987 Proud Arabian Stallion in matte black (Black Horse Ranch)
SR 1987 JCPenney, San Domingo in bay *I got this one!*
SR 1988 Model Horse Collectors Supply Co.,San Domingo in chestnut pinto, "Wildfire" *I got this one!*
SR 1988 Mustang in matte palomino (Black Horse Ranch)
SR 1988 Sears, Proud Arabian Mare in red bay pinto, "Arabian Mare and Foal Set"
SR 1990 Lady Phase in matte dark dapple gray (JC Penney)
SR 1992 Lady Phase in dark bay pinto (Sears) *I got this one!*
SR 1994 Toys R Us, Unicorn in matte alabaster
SR 1995 Toys R Us, Unicorn II, glossy black
SR 1995 State Line Tack, "Special Delivery" (Running Mare mold)
SR 1996 Equitana USA, "Amerigo" (Mustang mold)

ANY Lady Phase models! (I have #40, #711, #860, Night Deck, SR Sears 1992, and SR JC Penney 1983-84)

I would like these models to be in mint/near mint condition, and the boxes for them would be great! However, please e-mail me if you have any of these in any condition!

I'm also looking for any older boxes (before 1997)! I'm looking to match some boxes with my models who no longer have one!

Thanks :)

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