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278000029 / 278000358 VTS Module Test Procedure

The following procedures test the VTS module thatís located in the grey box of certain 1993-1995 models. Iíve found this is the quickest way to find out if this unit is working properly. The way I believe the module works is to sense a load when trim reaches limits, and disconnect power from the motor. This test procedure doesnít check the load sensing, but does make sure the up/down relays are functioning properly.

VTS Module Test

Remove the module from the grey box and proceed as follows:

  1. Connect a voltmeter between the green/orange and blue/orange wires and set it to a scale that reads 12v. These wires are normally connected to the trim motor.
  2. Connect the red and black wires to a 12v supply.
  3. Connect the purple wire to the 12v supply (ignition powers the module up through purple normally).
  4. Using a jumper wire from the purple wire to either blue/white or green white, the voltage on your meter will go from +12v to -12v and you'll hear the relays click, depending on which wire you activate. If nothing happens on one of the two, then the relay may be bad. These are about $4 at electronic stores, but can be a trick getting to due to the potting material!

If you find your module is bad, let me know since I may have a new or used one available!

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