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Armstead Shackelford
m. Nancey Halcomb Oct. 24, 1786
witness or bondsman William Halcomb (probably her father)

Francis A. Shackelford
m. Elizabeth A. Harris Sept. 30, 1857
bondsman Robert Vernon

Francis Shackelford
m. Anna Davis Dec. 10, 1819
bondsman Garland Shackelford and Thomas Gunter

John Shackelford
m. Nancey Keen Dec. 8, 1815
bondsman John H. Humphreys

William Shackelford (s/o William and Ann Shackelford)
m. Mary E. Edwards (d/o James M. and Mariah Edwards) Sept. 24, 1867

Caswell County, North Carolina Marriages:

Elizabeth Shackelford
m. Ezra Walters Dec. 24, 1795

Armstead Shackelford
m. Nancy Halcomb Oct. 24, 1786

Francis A. Shackelford
m. Elizabeth a. Harris Sept. 28, 1857

John Shackelford
m. Nancey Keene Dec. 8, 1815

Mildred Shackelford
m. William Cox Jan. 13, 1821

Nancey Shackelford
m. Henry Cox Aug. 21, 1827

Salley Shackelford
m. James Brown Jan. 12, 1815

Anna Shackelford
m. Thomas Bennett Feb. 6, 1813

Also in Caswell County, NC:

Abner R. Terry
m. Sally Yarbrough July 4, 1850

John Terry
m. Betsey Carroll Apr. 14, 1804

Mathew Terry
m. Chaney Robinson Apr. 7, 1800