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I know how hard it is to make it as a fusion artist and that is exactly why I made me page, the following is a list of techniques you can use to market your music:

First of all create a web page with pictures, mp3's, nows, upcoming gigs, bio, contact info and info on purchasing CDs. If you can afford your own domain ( do that.

Contact the following to do fusin reviews of your CD, when they do a review, link to them from your web:

Contact these people to help you market and sell your CD:

Sign up for the fusion web ring:

Post messages in any jazz or fusion BBS you can find, especially this one:

Sign guestbooks of leading fusion artists and leave a link to a page with your music.

Try to get a good opening gig for a fusion artist (or any popular rock artist) in your area that is popular.

Give copies of your CD to any radio station that plays fusion, make sure your web address and email is clearly posted on the back cover of the CD so it is easy to find.

Peace and good luck