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Scott's Page of Interests

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Greetings, my name is Scott and I live in Columbus Ohio. I am a student of music, life, and collector of great musical recordings, I have been a musician since 1983: studying theory, composition, and works for the violin, piano, and guitar. I began teaching, performing, and composing in 1987. Became computer programmer by trade (not choice) in 1995 because it became a more lucrative career for me.

One day I hope to give recitals containing music entirely composed by me, with some other composers mixed in. My dream and the essence of my existence is to write music with substance for the violin.

Like any serious musician, I am a hopleless romantic and try to never stop learning and growing. I like doing creative and spontaneous things and computers and music are outlets for my creativity. Send me a message if you want or page me, and ill send you a message back!


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