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Riverdance didn't start out as an idea for a show. Rather, it all began simply as a way to fill in time at the 1994 Eurovision Song Contest. From there is has spread like wildfire all over the world, delighting the world's people with its wonderful music and spectacular steps. I am a huge fan of this wonderful display of Irish culture and am an Irish dancer myself. I love watching the video over and over and never do I tire of it. It's amazing!

I've added a LOT of new pictures from Riverdance! So this page may take a little longer than usual to load. I have at least one picture from every dance (and 6 of Thunderstorm, gee I wonder what my other favorite dance is!) and some of the band I picked up. Soon I'm going to add some more Riverdance clips that I would bet a lot you've never heard before (unless you have the Emerald Singers and Orchestra recordings of highlights from Riverdance and Lord of the Dance like I do) so you've got that to look forward to! Enjoy the pictures and sound clips and be sure to go back and sign my guestbook!

Reel Around The Sun

The Countess Cathleen/Women Of The Sidhe


Marta's Dance/The Russian Dervish

Home And The Heartland

Scenes From Riverdance

The Dances

The Dancers

The Band

Here's an interesting version of this scene from Riverdance, the dance Women of Ireland. Jean Butler is depicted as the main part of this scene, overshadowing even the whole stage in her beauty and splendor. Therefore, everything else is in tones of black and white while she remains in spectacular color.

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All Celtic images from Karen Nicholas' Celtic Web Art Page

Black and white picture of Jean Butler made with Paint Shop Pro 4.14. Download your own copy today!

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