Here is some general information that may help you if you plan to settle young birds you have purchased.

1) House the young birds in an area where they can readily see the surrounding area. A wire aviary is good, or else just a large wire cage that can be set on your landing board so they can observe their surroundings and at the same time learn how to go in and out of your loft.

2) Keep them hungry, so they associate you with food. Do not starve them, but they should always be slightly hungry. They need to know that it is in the loft that they get fed and watered. When you feed them, take away any leftover feed that remains after about 20 minutes, and train them to a whistle or some other auditory signal so they associate that with being fed and will come inside when they hear it. (But keep water before them at all times.)

3) Until you are sure they know how to find their way back into the loft, do not force them to fly. They can get disoriented and get lost if forced to fly away from the loft before they are ready. It is best if the first time they go out, they go out on their own. For example, once you are sure they know how to get back inside, just let a door or window open and let them wander in and out. Always do this when they are hungry, so you can call them inside for food.

4) If you feel they are too strong or too wild to trust the first time you decide to let them out, soak their flight feathers in soapy water so they can't fly very high, but watch out for cats or other predators. If the flights are wet, like they are after the birds have been bathing, they won't be able to fly so high or so far away that they get themselves lost.

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