Ice Pigeon

Muffed Ice Pigeon, spangled pattern

The Ice Pigeon comes in spangled, barred, and barless patterns. One of the "color pigeons", the Ice Pigeon is remarkable in its coloration. Its ground color is supposed to resemble the hue of ice, hence its name. It is also notable in that the plumage around the head and neck is the same hue as that of the rest of the body, which is very unusual in pigeons, where the head and neck are almost always a darker shade than the feathers on the breast, which in turn are usually darker than the wingshield. Not so in the Ice Pigeon, where, except for the wing and tail markings, the pigeon is of a uniform color throughout.

The genetics of the white-barred and white-checkered varieties of Ice Pigeon are quite complicated, involving the genes for toy stencil and what are apparently multiple genes for the ice blue color. There are also black-barred and black-checkered Ice Pigeons, where the toy stencil factor is apparently not involved.

Pictured above and below are muffed Ice Pigeons; however, they are also bred in the cleanleg variety as well.

Mike Lerp's Barless Ice Pigeon Old Cock - Multiple winner

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