Old and rare pigeon books and magazines for sale

Over the last few years I have obtained the pigeon libraries of a few fanciers who have retired from pigeons or who have passed away. Some of the volumes in their libraries are duplicates of my own and I am offering them for sale. All prices quoted are in US dollars, postpaid within the United States. For purchases outside the US, add 30% to the total. Below are just a few items. I will gradually add to them.

1. National Standard Squab Book by Elmer C. Rice, 1906 printing. Clothbound, 80 pages (very small print) plus numerous photos and a 16-page appendix. Very good condition, some water stains on front cover. This is a true collector's item, with few in existence today. $20

2. Pigeon Debut, November, 2000, special issue devoted to the American Domestic Show Flight. $10

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