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Racing Under Saddle Riders &Owners Association

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Bridgett Nappi 
27645 Bishop Park Dr. N. 919
Wickliffe, OH 44092
AOL Instant Messanger: bridnap

VICE PRESIDENT Jamie Coffy 34180 Bowerston Scio Rd. Bowerston, OH 44695 (740)269-6902 AOL Instant Messanger: troublejam

PROMOTIONS Donielle Pollack-Hall Mt. Vernon,Ohio (740) 397-7076

SECRETARY Lori Dudley 2666 Twp. Rd. 182 Fredericktown, OH 43019 (419) 768-2364 Home (614) 204-6436 Cell

2002 Racing Season

*Below you will find the dates, locations, details, and contact information of races as we know them.

Wed., August 7, 2002 Cuyahoga County Fair, Berea, Ohio Post time 1 p.m. Race # 6, Racing Under Saddle (4 horses to start) Purse $750 Entry fee: $30 (includes 2 passes to the fair) overnight events only. Three day box. Directions: I-71 to Bagley Rd., W to Fair Entrance, S to Horse Gate. Telephone entries: 440-243-0090, Robert Cartmell, Track Superintendent.

Mon., August 12, 2002 Huron County Fair, Norwalk, Ohio Post time 6:30 p.m. Race # 4, Racing Under Saddle - 7 Horses Purse $750 Other information: Entry fee: $35 overnight events only. Three day box. Telephone entries: 419-663-8703

Sat., August 17, 2002 Lake County Fair, Painesville, Ohio Post time 1 p.m. Race # 9, Racing Under Saddle (RUS) overnight Purse $800 added Other information: Entry fee: Racing under saddle: 5 to start: $50 starting fee. Declaration time: 11 am EDST three days before race is scheduled. Information: 440-357-7933 or 440-357-1666 during the fair.

Sun., Sept. 22, 2002 Tuscarawas County Fair, Dover, Ohio Post time 1 p.m. Race # 6, Trot or Pace - Under Saddle - must have 6 horses to start Purse $600 Other information: Entry fee: Three day entry. All entries close at 11 a.m., 3 days before the scheduled race. Entry fee for overnights is $25. In all overnight events, six to enter, five to start. Information: 330-364-6777 during the fair or 330-343-6473, Bud Lahmers, Speed Superintendent

"What's New in RUS"

by: Jamie M. Coffy

After a long winters nap, RUSROA is back to buisness! Mother nature is taking her good time in getting the weather in ship shape for all of the RUS riders. We have been lucky in years past to have good tracks with little rain. Not that we are fair weather riders, no pun intended!

Those of you who are new to RUS, feel free to contact any of the officers for more information. Our race dates for the 2002 season are not offical and will be posted just as soon as the officers have a better idea of what is going on.

Those of you who are getting your horses ready for the season, please contact Vice President Coffy with updates so that we can have something new to talk about on the web sight!

Believe it or not, RUS had a pretty successful season in 2001! We have once again proven that we can accomplish just about anything if we put our minds and hearts into what we want! One hoof print at a time we will reach our goals. Now that a new year has come it gives us the oppertunity to prove our determination once again.

Secretary Dudley has some words of wisdom for our members new and old. Here they are:

Welcome to a new season of Racing Under Saddle!

As you all know last year was a success even though the races were small. Things are looking bright for the new season. I will be representing RUSROA at Equine Affaire this year and will hand out many cards and flyers. Any idas for this event would be greatly appreciated.

We still have funds in the account from last year that will help us this year. Raffels for a set of harness is one idea, having a tack auction is another. I just went to one and spent a bunch and watched the club that was sponsoring it make alot of money. This helps with PRIZE MONEY for all you riders if we should do this. Let me know your thoughts!

Races are being scheduled and it is important for us to know how many riders "anticipate to participate" this year. Please respond to me as soon as you can if you intend on racing. Get your licences updated through the USTA, and for goodness sake...get to the training tracks!

RUSROA membership dues need to be paid in full by the first race in order to be eligible for "bonus" prize money generated by RUSROA and it's officers.

Once again, If you have a horse that needs a rider or you are a licenced rider that needs a mount, report to me and I will match you up. I need Your name and a Phone number and/or the name of the horse and horses disposition. If you are not a member of RUSROA you will need to become one.

2001 success stories

After a year off from RUS, Jean Abranovich returned to RUS. Her season began at Afton, New York. But it really took off at Berea, Ohio. She rode her mare, Tall Bets to a record setting 2:04.1! Anyone who has ever raced at Berea knows this is a very fast mile for RUS. But she wasn't finished there, after all it isn't over till the French Man sings! Wooster, Ohio paired her up with the newest RUS horse The French Man. Showing his excitement for RUS events, the French Man won his first RUS start.

Harris started out the season with dreams of riding her own horse to victory. Her dreams were shattered when Patrician was claimed out of the $15,000 claimer. She managed to find a horse to ride at Afton, New York. Highland Jimini who is owned and trained by Sarah Avery. They teamed up to win his first RUS event in a years best of 2:05. This was Jimini's first RUS event. Being from New York, Jimini was not able to go to the Ohio races.

Jimini isn't one to give up, in races or in life. He is a survivor of both a barn fire and Equine Cancer. After some time off he is back to racing, opening his season with the RUS event.

Harris, attempted fruitlessly to find another horse to ride in the rest of the RUS events. A day before the box closed for the Norwalk, Ohio race she made a call to an officer and asked for a horse to ride. It was important to her to ride at Norwalk so that her great grandmother could see her ride at her hometown fair. After many wrong numbers, Eli Yoder was reached and she was paired up with the 13 year old war horse, Master Shawn! They went on to break and set many track records this season. Master Shawn's RUS record is now 2:03, set at Scioto Downs.

Debbie Stocker and her family have been long time RUS enthusiasts. Even though constant supporter and trainer of RUS horses, Stocker had not rode in a year. This year she showed her winning colors thorough. Up against a tough field of horses, Stocker and Revenge Time took the challenge at Painsville, Ohio, her hometown fair. Winning that mile in a blistering 2:03.2! This was another track record set for the year.

There was one dedicated pair that traveled to each and every RUS event of the season, Jackie Santoro and Just Got Better. Santoro is not new to RUS events. She began when The Boots and Saddles Series was first organized. She and her free legged horse, Tolkien, teamed up for many victories. This year her family moved to Ohio, from Wisconson, and it was once again possible for her to race in the RUS events. Though she didn't get in the winners circle this year, her and Just Got Better are still champions to RUS. Hats off to you both!

Make no mistake, RUS is proud of Harris, Abranovich, Stocker, Nappi, Dudley, Hall, Santoro and the other dedicated riders and horses of this season and seasons past! But it is more than that. It isn't just the purse money raised, or the record breaking miles, it is the people who made this season happen.

RUSROA wishes to send out a special "Thank You," to our sponsors, and host tracks. R & R Enterprises sponsored the Scioto Downs Family Day event. Ernie and Annette Smith, sponsored the Wooster, Ohio race. Our sponsors believed in our ambitions and trusted us to follow through. RUSROA thanks you and hopes you continue your support.

RUSROA wishes to thank our Secretary, Lori Dudley, who not only competed in the RUS races, she made them happen. Her many long hours, late nights and over time paid off for RUSROA. She even took the time to donate the use of her horse, I'm Unforegettable, at the Scioto Family Day Promotional Sight. Through her dedication, and those like her, we were able to do what we love! RACE UNDER SADDLE!

Promotions Director, Donielle Hall, was also a key person in making these races happen. She was in charge of getting the races dates, and booking them at the tracks that they were held at. Without her time and dedication, there wouldn't have been any races this season.

As always, the USTA, and it's SEP Director Anne Chunko had a big hand in the RUS season. Chunko, licensed riders, owners and trainers for the season. She also issued RUS horses their Eligiblities. And as always, she supported us.

And we cannot leave out the ones who see us through the miles, our horses. This year we have seen some stand out athletes, who have set many track records around Ohio. But it isn't just those who finish the mile first, it is all of the horses who have raced in these RUS events. They have demonstrated their heart, versitility and willingness to do something new and exciting. RUSROA congratulates these horses.

RUSROA is sure to have missed someone who had a hand, or hoof in helping us. But we thank you all and hope you continue your dedication to the great sport of racing under saddle!

Though, RUS may always have "something to prove," we think it is worth working for! Next season we have fresh ideas and fresh faces waiting to try them out! If you or someone you know wishes to run for officer for the 2002 RUSROA season, please contact RUSROA at, or a current Officer. Elections will be held January 1st, 2003 for the new season of racing action.

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