Doctor: Well, it's bigger than I thought.

Neelix: Am I going to die?

Doctor: Not unless you're allergic to tomatoes.

Neelix: No one gets the best of me in my kitchen!

Doctor: I'm not programmed to bleed!

Barclay: Lewis, how would you rather think of a real person with a real life, with a family that loves you...or as some hologram that exists in a sickbay on a starship lost in deep space?

Chakotay: It's not about what you want. This is about what you are. Just because you're made of projected light and energy doesn't mean you're any less real than someone made of flesh and blood. It doesn't matter what you're made of...what matters is who you are. You're our friend and we want you back.

Kes: I sometimes ask myself those kind of questions. Who am I? What am I doing here? What's my purpose in life? Doesn't everybody?
Doctor: Not me. I know exactly who I am and what my purpose is. I am the Emergency Medical Hologram aboard the Starship Voyager.
Kes: Are you sure about that?

Doctor: Computer, delete Paris
Kim: What are you doing?!?
Doctor: Computer, delete Kim

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