Young Guns II

Young Guns 2

William H. Bonney: "You remember the stories John use to tell us about the the three chinamen playing Fantan? This guy runs up to them and says, "Hey, the world's coming to an end!" and the first one says, "Well, I best go to the mission and pray," and the second one says, "Well, hell, I'm gonna go and buy me a case of Mezcal and six whores," and the third one says "Well, I'm gonna finish the game." I shall finish the game, Doc."

Charles Phalen: "William H. Bonney, heh? Billy the Kid was shot and killed by Pat Garret. Everybody knows that, it's common knowledge."
William H. Bonney (the Old): "There are other lawyers around, you piece of chicken shit. Get back in the vehicle and drive before I make it 22 just for the hell of it."

[William Shakespeare]
Jose Chavez Y Chavez: "When troubles come, they come not single spies but in battalions."

[Last line a lot of people heard]
William H. Bonney: "Yoohoo. I'll make you famous!"

Doc Scurlock: "You son of a bitch! You're starting to believe what they're writing about you, aren't you? Let me tell you what you really are! You rode a 14 year old boy straight to his grave, and the rest of us straight to hell... Straight to hell! William H. Bonney! You are NOT a god!"
William H. Bonney: "Why don't you pull the trigger and find out?"

Judge Bristol: "...and there be hanged by the neck till he be dead, dead, dead. Now, do you have anything to say, young man?"
William H. Bonney: "Yes I do, your Honor. You can go to hell, hell, hell."

William H. Bonney: ""Buckshot George", that's your name. You wanted a name, that's it. "Buckshot George". It's a good name."
Hendry French: "My name is Hendry William French."
William H. Bonney: "That's a good name too."

Tom O'Tolliard: "What's scum?"
William H. Bonney: "Well Tom, that's bad types. Politicians, bankers, cattle-kings... Scum..."

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