Deirdre: You're scared!
Sam: Of course I'm scared! You think I'm reluctant because I'm happy?

[Sam accepts a cigarette offered by Vincent.]
Sam: So, are you labour or management?
Vincent: If I were management, I would not offer you a cigarette!

[Discussing interrogation techniques.]
Vincent: How did they finally get to you?
Sam: They gave me a grasshopper.
Spence: What's that?
Sam: Lessee, two parts gin, one part brandy, one part Creme de Menthe...

Sam: Whenever there is any doubt, there is no doubt. That's the first thing they teach you.
Vincent: Who taught you?
Sam: I don't remember. That's the second thing they teach you.

Spence: You ever kill anybody?
Sam: I hurt somebody's feelings once.

[Vincent has just removed a bullet from Sam's side.]
Sam: If you don't mind, I'm gonna pass out.

Sam: I never walk into a place I don't know how to walk out of.

Sam: So, how'd you get started in this business?
Dierdre: A wealthy scoundrel seduced and betrayed me.
Sam: Same with me. How about that?

Spence: You worried about saving your own skin?
Sam: Yeah, I am. It covers my body.

Dierdre: You're afraid!
Sam: Of course I'm afraid! You think I'm reluctant because I'm happy?

Sam: You're not going in there!
Spence: Yes I am, and so are you!
Sam: Why am I going in there?
Spence: Why? To protect me!
Sam: There is no protection there! We'll be like fish in a barrel!

Vincent: No questions. No answers. That's the job we've chosen. You just accept it and move on.

Gregor: Look at us all. What could have been conducted in polite collegial fashion is now fucked into cocked hat.

(Spence draws an ambush diagram on a dry erase board)
Spence: Okay, we got shooters here...Shooters here. I'll tell you an old trick...
Sam: Hey [walks up to places coffee on table as he walks up to board and erases the diagram]
Spence: What's your problem?
Sam: Draw it again. Draw it again. You're the ace field man, draw it again. It's a simple diagram, just draw it again. Draw what you say! Draw it again! Draw it again!!
[grabs marker and re-draws the diagram]
Sam: Two shooters, car comes through here, shooters across from each other kill each other dead. Oh my? Where'd you learn that? Heh??
Spence: In a Regiment.
Sam: What Regiment was that?
Spence: The 22nd Special Air Service.
Sam: What's the color of the boathouse at Hereford? What's the color of the boathouse at Hereford?!
Spence: I don't like your attitude.
Sam: What's the color of the boathouse...
Spence: Oh FUCK OFF!
Sam: What's...You got the gun. I'm unarmed. Do something. Go ahead, do something. Do something!
[as he gets into Spence's face, he backs up towards the coffee table]
Sam: Do something!
[Spence spills the coffee and Sam grabs his throat leaning him backwards over a railing as he takes his gun.]
Sam: Oh, tell me about an ambush?? Tell me about an ambush?! I ambushed you with a fuckin coffee cup!!

Spence: You ex-military?
Sam: No, I got my job through the New York Times.

Sam: Yeah, well you're either part of the problem, or you're part of the solution, or you're just part of the landscape.

Spence: Interrogation...
Larry: What?
Spence: Methods to withstand interrogation.
Vincent: You've done that?
Spence: We were taught to hold out indefinitely.
Sam: Nobody can hold out indefinitely.
Spence: Ahh, is that so?
Sam: Yeah, everybody has a limit. I spent some time in interrogation...once.
Larry: They make it hard on you?
Sam: They don't make it easy. Yeah, it was unpleasant. I held out as long as I could. All the stuff they tried, you just can't hold out forever. Impossible.
Larry: So how'd the finally get to you?
Sam: They gave me a grasshopper.
Larry: What's a grasshopper?
Sam: Let's see, it's...uhh...two part gin, two part brandy, one part crème de mint, ummm...
Spence: (under his breath) Fucking smartass!!

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