Robin Hood

Robin Hood

Clucky: "Absence makes the heart grow fonder."
Marian: "Or forgetful."

[About Robin]
Girl bunny: "Oh, he's so handsome... just like his reward posters."

King Richard: "Friar Tuck, it seems that I have an outlaw for an in-law!"

Robin Hood: "I'm sorry, I was just thinking of Maid Marian again. I can't help it, I love her Johnny."
Little John: "Listen, why don't you stop moaning and moping and just marry the girl?"
Robin Hood: "Marry her? You just don't walk up to someone, hand her a bouquet of flowers and say, "Hey, remember me? We were kids together, will you marry me?" It just isn't done that way. Besides, what do I have to offer her?"
Little John: "Well, for one thing, you can't cook."
Robin Hood: "I'm serious Johnny, she's a high bred lady of quality."
Little John: "So she's got class, so what?"
Robin Hood: "I'm an outlaw, that's what! That's no life for a lovely lady like herself, always on the run. What kind of life is that?"
Friar Tuck: "Oh, for heaven's sake son, you're no outlaw. Why someday, people will call you a great hero."
Robin Hood: "A hero? Did you hear that Johnny? We 've just been pardoned!"
Little John: "Oh, that's a gas. We haven't even been arrested yet!"

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