Out For Justice

Out for Justice

[after beating up the entire bar]
Detective Gino Felino NYPD: Anybody seen Richie? I'm gonna keep comin' back until someone REMEMBERS seein' Richie.

Richie Madano: What are ya gonna do? Shoot me!? I'm outta bullets!
Detective Gino Felino NYPD: Nope, but you see those bullets could've saved you a lot of pain.
Richie Madano: I like pain.

Richie Madano: What about you, Paulie? You got the fuckin' balls?
Paulie: Yeah, yeah I got the balls.
[Richie tosses him a wad of cash]
Richie Madano: Now you've got the bread.

[after breaking up a fight]
Detective Gino Felino NYPD: You talking to me, man?
Vermeer: Who the fuck you think you are, huh?
Detective Gino Felino NYPD: You like to beat up on fuckin' women, is that it? Beat up on me asshole.

[after intimidating the entire bar]
Sammy: I swear he's nothing without that badge and gun.
Detective Gino Felino NYPD: Really? Let me show you something.
[unloads and drops gun]
Detective Gino Felino NYPD: There's my gun.
[holds up police badge]
Detective Gino Felino NYPD: And here's my badge. Fair game now, ok? This is your trophy, this is your trophy! Come and get it.
Sammy: I offer five thousand for that badge.

Tattoos: Motherfucker, you knocked my teeth out!
[Gino hits him again]

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