Old Yeller

Old Yeller

Katie Coates: If that don't beat all. I never saw such a dog.

Jim Coates: Now and then, for no good reason, life will haul off and knock a man flat.

Travis Coates: Papa, you ain't forgetting the horse.
Jim Coates: What horse?
Travis Coates: Now Papa, you know I've been aching all over for a good horse to ride. I've told you time and again.
Jim Coates: What you're needing more than a horse is a good dog.
Travis Coates: Yes sir, but what I'm wanting most is a horse.
Jim Coates: Alright, you act a man's part and I'll bring you a man's horse.

Katie Coates: Now Arliss, you ride back here with Yeller.
Arliss Coates: On a count of he's a sicker Injun than me?
Katie Coates: Yes.

Arliss Coates: What's Papa gonna sell our stears for?
Travis Coates: For money ofcourse.
Arliss Coates: What's money?
Travis Coates: That's what you buy things with.
Arliss Coates: What do you mean by buy things?
Travis Coates: Well when you have money, you give it to people for stuff. They say you can get anything for money.
Arliss Coates: Anything? What's it look like?
Travis Coates: I never seen but one piece. A dollar bill Papa had.
Arliss Coates: What'd Papa buy with his dollar?
Travis Coates: Nothing that wasn't no good.
Arliss Coates: But you just said you could get anything with money.
Travis Coates: But Papa's was confederate.
Arliss Coates: What's confederate money?
Travis Coates: Confederate money? Well, it's...
Arliss Coates: Well?
Travis Coates: Don't you ever run out of questions?

Arliss Coates: Why did you shoot Rosemary?
Travis Coates: She was sick.
Arliss Coates: Well, you were sick. How come we didn't shoot you?
Travis Coates: That was different.

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